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Sleepy Head for Dog

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How is Sleepy Head made?

Sleepy Head dog beds are made of abrasion-resistant upholstery material, which guarantees their long life. The cover is removable, so if necessary, it can be easily taken off by unfastening the zipper and washed in the washing machine. The bed is filled with soft silicone balls, which gives it flexibility and elasticity, and prevents deformation even after a long resting period. It is possible to adjust the softness of the bedding depending on the pet's preferences - for this purpose, we have placed the filling in a separate cover.


What are the benefits of Sleepy Head?

Sleepy Head is a very practical solution for both owners of small and large dogs. Because these lairs are available in three different sizes, you can choose the size that will be ideally suited to your pet's needs, ensuring maximum comfort and freedom. The color of the bed can also be matched to individual preferences, as it is available in four color variants (Coral Red, Navy Blue, Dark Grey, Light Grey), which blends in beautifully with both traditional and modern interiors.