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Fisher Duo Power 10x80

The Fischer 10x80S metal screw plug is a mounting kit that you can use to hang our CHILL, CHILL DeLUXE, CHILL Corner and Catwalk Rest shelves on the wall.

It can come in handy when, for example, you move to another house and want to hang the shelf again.

The kit includes two dowels and two metal screws. 


Type: DuoPower 10x80 S


Pin diameter: 10 mm


Pin length: 80 mm


Screw: 7 mm x 107 mm, head SW13


Material: nylon + galvanized carbon steel


Anchor type: universal


Purpose: for installation on solid building materials with holes. Due to the relatively heavy weight of the shelves, we strongly recommend that the shelves are mounted to wall studs behind a drywall.