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Cushion Chill Deluxe Shelf

What is cushion Chill DeLuxe?


Chill DeLuxe are cat cushions that act as mattresses for the shelves in the Chill DeLuxe series. The steel latches, on which both these elements are fitted, enable solid attachment of the cushion to the shelf and its stabilization, so that it will not slide or slip when the cat jumps on it. Chill DeLuxe cushion provides not only safe but also very comfortable rest - thanks to the materials used in its production.

 How is Chill DeLuxe made?

 Chill DeLuxe cat pillows are made using the best materials available on the market, strong and practical, as well as providing a very pleasant tactile experience. Particularly noteworthy is the cover made of wear-resistant upholstery fabric, stylish, elegant and easy to clean. It can be removed and machine washed when needed. We use soft PUR foam as filling, while the lining is made of fleece.

 What are the advantages of Chill DeLuxe?

Chill DeLuxe is a cosy bed ideal for any cat who prefers maximum comfortable relaxation conditions allowing him to regenerate effectively. Apart from its high functionality, the biggest advantages of these cushions include:

durability and resistance to mechanical damage;

large size for comfortable stretching;

unique design that blends well with various interior designs.

Due to the fact that there are eleven color versions to choose from (Soft White, Soft Grey, Soft Cappuccino, Smooth Light Brown, Smooth Dark Grey, Elegant Red, Elegant Rose Grey, Elegant Green, Blush, Gooseberry, Stone), it is possible to match the pillow to the color of the cat shelf, so that they create an attractive arrangement accessory coming in a set.

Cushions are available in a variety of colours and patterns. You can choose the one that best suits your preferences and the color of the cat shelf with which you intend to combine it.