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Climbing Step

These sisal steps not only complement our CHILL and CHILL Deluxe shelves, but they also flawlessly integrate with all COSY AND DOZY shelving solutions. The steps provide your cat with the means to access and navigate between the shelves with ease, turning your wall into an engaging feline playground.

Beyond serving as scratching posts for your cat, they seamlessly connect different shelves, creating an engaging catwalk or climbing network. By installing these steps, you empower your feline friend to embrace their natural climbing and scratching instincts.

Each sisal step is meticulously handcrafted in Poland, exuding elegance as they seem to hover effortlessly, thanks to their concealed fixtures. The base is crafted from pine wood, wrapped in natural agave sisal – a texture cats simply adore to scratch and paw.

These steps come ready-to-mount and include essential screws. When affixed to a wall stud, they offer impeccable stability, supporting up to 44 pounds (20kg).


Lenght: 28 cm / 11 inches
Width: 8 cm / 3,2 inches
Weight: 1,1 kg / 2,4lb
Max load: 20 kg / 44lb