Cosy and Dozy

CatNap Cube

Did you like our Holy Cube for IKEA Kallax? Than you will LOVE our new Cosy and Dozy CatNap Cube!

Does it fit perfectly with you Kallax furniture? It SURE does!


CatNap Cube can be an amazing addition to your Kallax-based cat chill zone. It doesn't require any installation, you just fit it in and then...magic happens! For some reason not only people love Kallax solutions - cats are huge fans too. You can now make it their favourite place in the whole house!


We were wondering what would be the perfect solution for the CatNap Cube (and you cat!) to be secure. And you know what? Simple solutions are often the best solutions!

CatNap Cube is 1 cm wider than the Kallax cubicle space, which allows you to fit it perfectly. It looks wonderful, and is safe for you cat at the same time. No velcro, no anti slippery mats needed!


You can choose from two colour options: Soft Grey and Soft White.

If you need a change from time to time, you can order only the new cover (sold separately).

 Dimensions (fits perfectly into IKEA Kallax)

* Depth - 38 cm

* Width - 34 cm

* Cushion thickness - 3 cm


New colors coming soon!