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Cat Brush

The new Cosy and Dozy cat brush is a practical, ecological and vegan-friendly accessory for daily care of our furry friends. Thanks to it, we can take care of both their neat appearance, as well as the health and well-being of our pet. As you know, regular brushing of your cat's fur allows you to prevent possible problems within the digestive tract of your kitty, but our cat brush is also ideal as a massager. Pets love to be combed with it, it's great for caressing them. Much of this is due to it being pleasant to the touch thanks to its bristles being made from an extremely stimulating natural material – tampico fiber - extracted from agave, which until now has been used mainly in body massage brushes designed for women. The Cozy And Dozy brush has been designed with innovative longer bristles for your kitty’s comfort and it has turned out to be a huge hit. Not only does our cat brush help to keep their fur clean, but it also improves blood circulation, relieves stress, relaxes muscles and, above all, stimulates the production of serotonin, otherwise known as the  happiness hormone. So it's no wonder that brushing our furry ones with it brings them so much joy!