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Beasty Toys

Beasty Toys

What are Beasty Toys?


Beasty Toys are dog toys in the form of chewing bones with a squeaky ball in the center. They provide excellent entertainment for both young puppies and adult dogs of virtually any breed. The pet can bite and feed them at will, and if necessary, can also use them as a cuddly toy. Beasty Toys are available in two color variants - light grey and blue-grey - so they are not an eyesore with flashy colors and a clashy design, instead they delight with classic simplicity and elegance.

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What are Beasty Toys made of?


Our dog toys are made of carefully selected, high-quality, durable materials - the same from which Molly's Heaven beds are made, therefore they are the perfect addition to them. The filling of the mascots is silicone fluff, which makes the toys soft and light, while the fabric used to cover it is 100% polyester, durable and resistant to damage. Importantly, all Beasty Toys are handcrafted, which gives them a unique character and guarantees a perfect finish.


Why Buy Beasty Toys?


Beasty Toys will be the perfect gift for your pet, because they will allow him to go crazy and relieve tension, and at the same time support his behavioral development. Thanks to them, your pet will learn to properly use its natural instincts and use up the energy that they need to burn. Besides, Beasty Toys also have many other advantages that every pet owner will surely appreciate:

  • they are easy to care for - machine washable;
  • they are durable and solid - they will last a long time;
  • they are small in size and light weight - you can take them with you on trips or on walks.

If you want to pamper your pet, and at the same time take care of its proper development, be sure to give him Beasty Toys.

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