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Beasty Toys
Beasty Toys
Beasty Toys
Beasty Toys
Beasty Toys

Beasty Toys

What are Beasty Toys?


Beasty Toys are popular cat toys in the form of mascots (rats and kittens) and fishing rods (a stick with a string finished with a plush pompom). They were created for energetic, mischievous kittens who need the right instincts and lazy cats without the motivation to move. If you don’t want your pet to be bored when they stay at home alone, give them a cuddly kitten or rat, which will allow them to play on their own and prevent them from feeling lonely. If, on the other hand, you want to spend time with your pet and bond with them, choose a rod with a pompom that allows you to have fun together.

Beasty Toys
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Toy Height:

  • kitten - approx. 12 cm;
  • rat - approx. 16 cm;
  • fishing rod - approx. 40 cm.


What are Beasty Toys made of?


Beasty Toys are created on the basis of excellent quality materials and handicraft, thanks to which they stand out for looking great and having exceptional durability. The lining of the mascot is strong, damage-resistant and pleasant to the touch upholstery fabric, which copes well with cat's claws, while the filling consists of buckwheat hulls and dried catnip leaves from ecological crops, and thus - completely healthy and safe for your pet. All items are hand-sewn in our sewing room and thus refined in everyway, even to the smallest detail.


What are the advantages of Beasty Toys?


The Beasty Toys cat toys have the advantage of keeping your pets entertained for hours, and at the same time:

  • support their motor development;
  • stimulate their senses;
  • satisfy the need for biting, scratching and tugging;
  • develop natural hunting instincts.

Every toy has been designed in such a way as to entice cats and be an attractive prey for them - it must be admitted that it does the job perfectly. No furry friend can pass by our Beasty Toys without a reaction.

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