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Molly’s Heaven Pet Bed Medium for Dogs

What is Molly's Heaven Pet Bed Medium For Dogs?


Molly's Heaven Pet Bed Medium For Dogs are soft and cosy dog beds in the form of a comfortable cushion filled with silicone balls and covered with a scratch-resistant upholstery fabric. They were inspired by a popular pillow that people use, designed for maximum comfort and style in the home space. Like the cushions for us, Molly's Heaven Pet Bed Medium For Dogs are very functional. They provide pets with their own cosy corner at home and the possibility of comfortable rest, and additionally they are also a safe refuge in stressful situations.

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Which dogs is Molly's Heaven Pet Bed Medium For Dogs suitable for?


Molly's Heaven Pet Bed Medium For Dogs has been designed for dogs that love open relaxation spaces that provide unrestricted freedom. Your pet will be able to comfortably unfold and stretch on it, and at the same time it will wrap it around it and give it a sense of security. The dimensions of the bed (81 x 104 x 78 cm) allow for a comfortable rest for dogs of quite large sizes, i.e. breeds such as golden retriever, boxer, sheepdog or husky.


What are the benefits of Molly's Heaven Pet Bed Medium For Dogs?


Dog beds from the Molly's Heaven Pet Bed series - apart from comfort - also offer many other advantages, among which it is worth mentioning:

  • aesthetics of the highest level;
  • strength and durability;
  • easy care;
  • possibility to adjust the softness of the bedding.

Importantly, Molly's Heaven Pet Bed Medium For Dogs also has an original, stylish design, so you can easily match them to any interior, and even better there is a choice of two color versions: light grey and blue-grey.

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81 cm (32 in)
104 cm (41 in)
78 cm (31 in)

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