Won-Ton Bowl
Won-Ton Bowl
Won-Ton Bowl
Won-Ton Bowl
Won-Ton Bowl
Won-Ton Bowl
Won-Ton Bowl
Won-Ton Bowl

Won-Ton Bowl

Dinner time is an important time for our furry friends.
But dinner time can also mean mess time too.
 And where there’s mess there’s often unseen little nasties in the form of bacteria or infections waiting to strike. We all know it can be difficult keeping the eating area of our pets clean and up to the standard of the the rest of the decor that’s why we tend to hide this area away from view. 

At Cosy and Dozy we saw this as a challenge and we think we have come up with the perfect solution that puts so many benefits into one beautiful and unique design idea.

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The set includes:

  • One solid concrete round base with rubber pads underneath to protect your floor and minimise any sliding.
  • One removable steel bowl.
6 cm | 2,4 in
Metal bowl diameter
14 cm | 5,5 in
Concrete base diameter
15 cm | 5,9 in
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Concrete base

Where possible Cosy and Dozy always like to stay away from the use of plastics and other materials that cause damage to animals and their environment. So we decided to use concrete as a base instead.

This minimal and attractive concrete base firstly gives stability to the whole bowl and because of its weight it doesn’t slide about when our excited pets get stuck into their meals. Apart from having the weight the base also has a great minimal and earthly design which complements any home decor and just looks wonderful.

Antibacterial steel

The removable steel bowl adds to the look of the bowl as a whole but it also has added health benefits for your pets too. Steel is not a breeding ground for germs and is easily removed separately from the base and can be placed into your dish washer for a proper intense clean.

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