CHILL Corner shelf cushion
CHILL Corner shelf cushion
CHILL Corner shelf cushion
CHILL Corner shelf cushion
CHILL Corner shelf cushion
CHILL Corner shelf cushion
CHILL Corner shelf cushion
CHILL Corner shelf cushion
CHILL Corner shelf cushion
CHILL Corner shelf cushion

CHILL Corner shelf cushion

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We would like to present a new item in the category of cat furniture from COSY AND DOZY. The Corner Shelf is our latest innovation, which, like our other products, will not only be perfect for your cat, but will also enrich and add to the attractiveness of your interior design. 

Cat shelves are also an interesting alternative to large cat scratchers, which take up a lot of space, and can be especially cumbersome in small rooms. 

When designing the shelf, we really thought about its assembly, which is very simple and takes no more than 5 minutes. The brackets are pre-mounted for your convenience and all that is left is to drill three small holes in the wall. Of course, in the set with the shelf you will get all the necessary screws for attachment.

Cushion color
  • Soft Cappuccino
  • Soft Grey
  • Soft White
  • Smooth Light Brown
  • Smooth Dark Grey
  • Elegant Red
  • Elegant Rose Grey
  • Elegant Green
  • Blush
  • Goosberry
  • Stone
  • Fluffy Anthracite
  • Fluffy Ecru
  • Fluffy Grey
  • Fluffy Sand


COSY AND DOZY shelves are durable and stable. They can easily handle loads of up to 20 kg.

Both the Corner Shelf and our other cat wall shelves are handmade, which ensures both the aesthetic quality of the cat furniture and the safety for the user. When it comes to safety, one more important thing: the cushion, which lies on the shelf, cannot slip off, because it is attached to the shelf with press studs. There are as many as five of them. An equally important issue for us is the topic of the design of your home, remember that our cat furniture is made in such a way that it is an ornament in itself, although minimalist. The cat shelf will certainly not disturb your interior style, on the contrary - it will enrich it. And therefore, the various available colors of the shelves are also important.

We guarantee that the corner shelf will match with other shelves from the COSY AND DOZY collection, because we offer it in the same colors of wood and cushion covers as our other shelves. The brackets, on the other hand, will be available in black or grey.

Corner Shelf cushion covers are removable and machine washable. If necessary, it is possible to buy more separately so you can also replace the cover if you decide to change the color concept of your interior.

As in previous models, the distance between the brackets is 16 inches, which is important in some house building methods.

More about the Corner Shelf

What is the most important feature of our shelves? Every shelf can have the same color and materials. If you want, you can create a set of several cat shelves that will look complete, but you may also want to have each shelf different, and we have a lot of combinations so that you can decorate your home with our cat design while keeping your cat healthy. Additionally, the wooden elements have a lifetime guarantee!

The set is ready to hang - three holes in the wall are enough.

The set includes dowels and screws.

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What's up with these cat shelves?

Sometimes we buy cat shelves without thinking deeply about it, because deep down we really want to please our pet. Yes, it is true- our subconscious serves us well, but the cat shelf is not only a pleasure. Behind such furniture for a cat is its entire health and development system. Such, as you might think, a modern cat accessory is a means to express their feline instincts. Instincts that tell your cat how to live in order to stay healthy and that are vital, both physically and mentally. And we, the owners of these cute pets, care very much about it. Especially since the investment in health always pays off!

Motor skills and psyche

The Corner Shelf is our new offer. It differs from our other shelves in shape and in the position it is mounted. It can be your first shelf, it can complement other shelves. Where did the idea for such a shape come from? The corner shelf gives the cat a space limited to two sides, so the cat feels even safer. The shelf itself, located away from other members of the household, guarantees a sense of inaccessibility and isolation that cats crave, and thus a sense of security and peace. It enable the cat to sleep peacefully without needing to be awake. In this case, an additional cover on two sides does the job even better.

A cat shelf in itself is an opportunity for a cat to fulfil a number of its natural needs: climbing, jumping, exploring and finally resting. This is how cats lived in the distant past - as predators living in forests, in trees. Cats rested in trees, here they felt the safest, but also by jumping on them, they developed this amazing musculoskeletal system, which to this day impresses most researchers and people who can see the possibilities of a cat's body. With such sporting capabilities, a cat must use them every day if they are to keep their wonderful body healthy. The shelf helps with this, because the cat has a goal to reach - it has to jump, climb, and balance.


Cat shelves, because they are higher than the floor, offer a higher temperature, in line with the principles of physics. And this provides the cat with thermal comfort. Cats have a higher temperature in themselves, so they also need a higher temperature to rest well. Interestingly, the correct temperature for a cat is 38.1 degrees Celsius to 39.2 degrees Celsius.

A cat lounger located above our life, enabling a loftier perspective, gives the cat that peace that they are looking for. A cat can observe its surroundings, watch other animals and people - it is a very comfortable situation from the cat's point of view. Peace of mind is very important to this species because without it, it cannot recover from exercise or hunting (yes, flies also count!).

Where did the idea for the shelves come from?

Domestic cats need a feeling of seclusion and loneliness. We will add that most species of cat have it - exceptions are few, but there are, for example, lions. Hence the popularity among cats (and their owners) of accessories for cats from COSY AND DOZY, especially shelves. Our shelves are designer cat furniture, designed so that they can be a decoration in the house and at the same time serve our pets.

COSY AND DOZY cat shelves are indispensable in such cases as: shyness and anxiety in a cat, withdrawal from the hectic family life, reluctance to interact with small children and dogs. A wall shelf for a cat, is a bed for a cat that others can’t access, an asylum, a place for a cat to relax.

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