Ordering at cosyanddozy.com website

  1. Go to the www.cosyanddozy.com website, review our offer and select the products you wish to order. Products not available or products where a longer waiting time is expected will have appropriate information attached to them. The same applies to products available on request.
  2. Once you select all required options (colour, size, etc.), please add the product to your basket.
  3. You will be then transferred to the page including your shopping list. You may continue your shopping by clicking the “Continue shopping” button or you may finalize it by clicking the “Order” button and going to the page where you need to register and complete your order.
  4. When selecting the products you wish to buy, please click on the basket to check if you have there all the products you selected and in the right quantities.
  5. If you have already registered at www.cosyanddozy.com, it is time for you to sign in. If you do not have your account yet, use the “Register” button and  register your account there.
  6. When you are logged in, please select the payment method, and delivery method.
  7. Once you click the “Order” button you will be automatically transferred to the page summarizing your order. Order confirmation will be also sent to your email address given during the registration process.
  8. Make a payment according to the selected option: PayPal, PayU or a bank transfer.
Product added to wishlist
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