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CHILL DeLuxe cat shelf & 2 Steps CHILL DeLuxe cat shelf & 2 Steps 2
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CHILL DeLuxe cat shelf & 2 Steps

COSY AND DOZY ® Magdalena Zajdel
Why cats love COSY AND DOZY shelves? Climbing, jumping, and napping up high are not just your kitty’s random feel-good behaviour, their need to be up high is instinctual. Cats are tree-climbing mammals. Early cats were hunters and many of them lived in the rain forests. Their claws enabled them to climb skilfully, escaping into trees for safety or...
CHILL cat shelf CHILL cat shelf 2
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Cat shelves

CHILL cat shelf

COSY AND DOZY ® Magdalena Zajdel
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Our super-comfy wall-mounted CHILL shelf was designed by experts and like minded cat lovers who had both the cats and the owners needs in mind. With its sleek designer look and curved wooden lounging surface which cradles your cat perfectly and complements any interior.
Won-Ton Cat Bowl Won-Ton Cat Bowl 2
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Won-Ton Cat Bowl

COSY AND DOZY ® Magdalena Zajdel
Dinner time is an important time for our furry friends. But dinner time can also mean mess time too.
 And where there’s mess there’s often unseen little nasties in the form of bacteria or infections waiting to strike. We all know it can be difficult keeping the eating area of our pets clean and up to the standard of the the rest of the decor that’s why we...
Chill box Chill box 2
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Cat house

Chill box

COSY AND DOZY ® Magdalena Zajdel
Here at Cosy and Dozy we are always looking to shake things up and we think The Cosy and Dozy Chill box does just that! Introducing one of the stars of the Cosy and Dozy family of products, The Chill Box. Winner of the RED DOT design award 2016. The Cosy and Dozy Chill box is a multi functional designer cat house which can also be used as a mobile...
Kabou Kabou 2
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COSY AND DOZY ® Magdalena Zajdel
 What is Kabou? Kabou is a universal, multifunctional piece of furniture created in cooperation with the renowned German company Cat-On, which can be used as a cat tree, a lounger and a place to play. Its curved, wavy shape provides comfort in a variety of positions, and the cardboard structure encourages scratching, which gives cats the opportunity to...
Farmhouse Pet Bed Farmhouse Pet Bed 2
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Farmhouse Pet Bed

COSY AND DOZY ® Magdalena Zajdel
What is a Farmhouse Bed?   Farmhouse dog beds are a part of the dog's useful equipment in every home, as they are the perfect combination of a sleeping place with a cosy shelter. Thanks to their functional structure, Farmhouse beds provide our dogs with the necessary comfort of rest, both physically and mentally, because they serve as a safe oasis where...
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