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COSY AND DOZY® is a brand that was founded due to our our passion for animals and our desire to satisfy their natural instincts. We love simple, usable design and, one day, we decided to combine these two passions.

Our story
We are parents of two amazing kids – Philippe and Lena, who always wanted to have pets they could take care of. So everything started just a couple years ago, in 2015, after we adopted two cats – Molly and Ricky, and, some time later, a lovely dog named Bella. Those two fluffy kittens suffered so much being in a shelter that we wanted to create for them the best place on earth, respecting their natural needs and instincts. Understanding that cats love elevated places, especially when sharing a household with children or dogs, we tried to obtain a stylish perch for them but could find nothing suitable on the market. Then the idea came to us to create a unique curved oval wall-mounted shelf for cats and, having made the prototype, our cats loved it.

We were so pleased to see that they spent most of their time on the shelves. It was just amazing. When the perches were shown off to friends and family with cats, demand quickly accelerated, hence the idea of setting up a business emerged. Armed with Magdalena’s flair for design and my experience of working in the financial industry for 10 years, we decided to start afresh and put all of our combined energies into COSY AND DOZY® .

The future looks rosy
COSY AND DOZY® product range is constantly evolving and growing. Each item is unique and all are hand-made in Europe. The one thing that our products have in common is that they all allow pets to relax in total comfort and luxury. Now developing a chain of distributors across the globe, our aim is to become a worldwide supplier of many different design-led pet luxury products that compliment all types of home décor and keep your pets happy!

If you love pets and are into home décor, then COSY AND DOZY is for you.

Warmest regards,
Magdalena i Wojtek Zajdel

Cosy and Dozy team