Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest
Catwalk Rest

Catwalk Rest

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Being high above the ground, your cat feels safe, cosy, nobody disturbs or irritates it, especially if it prefers to sleep rather than play with other pets or children at home. Even if there is no problem with this, every cat sometimes needs to be alone, then CATWALK REST comes (or rather waits) to help. Install the shelf close to other furniture or together with the COSY AND DOZY steps and your cat can climb as much as it wants.

Shade of wood
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Wenge
Cushion color
  • Soft Cappuccino
  • Soft Grey
  • Soft White
  • Smooth Light Brown
  • Smooth Dark Grey
  • Elegant Red
  • Elegant Rose Grey
  • Elegant Green
  • Fluffy Anthracite
  • Fluffy Ecru
  • Fluffy Grey
  • Fluffy Sand
Color of the brackets
  • Silver
  • Black


Our CATWALK REST is a classically designed rounded wall shelf for cats with a soft cushion. This cat shelf provides everything your feline friend desires: rest, height, warmth and comfort. The soft, padded cushion can be removed and washed. At the same time, the cushion is fastened with snaps to prevent slipping and to keep it secure.

Guaranteed to be your cat's favourite spot in the house over time.

Choose your favourite fabric and create your own unique vertical space so your cat can play and you can enhance your home decor with a designer piece of cat furniture. If you wish, you can match this shelf with colours and materials to the COSY AND DOZY furniture you already own.

This shelf is ready to hang

The spacing between the metal brackets is 16 inches (40.6 cm), so the shelf can be attached to wall posts behind drywall for maximum strength.

Dowels included

The CATWALK REST shelf is significantly larger than our other shelves such as: CHILL and CHILL DeLUXE. ALe the same colours and materials are available in each, as well as a lifetime guarantee on the wood.

68 cm (27 inches)
18.5 inches (47 cm)
Cushion thickness
1.2 inches (3 cm)
metal bracket (pre-installed)
Max load
55 Ib (25 kg)
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Is being "higher" really that important for a cat?

Higher point of view

The cat is an animal that, before its domestication, jumped and climbed not only for fun. Above all, it was an indispensable part of hunting, resting and ensuring their livelihood. Today, cats do it instinctively and it serves to ensure their health and development. They simply 'have' to do it. It is therefore important that we take this feline urge to heart to ensure that the pet under our roof is healthy and happy.

The higher, the better

Cats are so-called tree-climbing mammals. They also belong to the group of predatory animals. When they lived in the wild (like their wild cousins do now), cats mostly lived in wooded areas and had their hiding places in trees. Nowadays this instinct: "I need to be higher to rest, to observe the terrain, to have a good place to attack", still exists in feline nature. Of course, our kittens don't need to hunt anymore, well unless it's hunting for Beasty Toys from Cozy and Dozy, but that's a different story. Nowadays, cats have to instinctively fulfil the needs of their bodies, jumping, climbing on furniture, looking for a warm and calm place somewhere high up. If you want to ensure your cat's proper development and prevent diseases, it is worth investing in a cat shelf and specialised steps. 

I want to keep an eye on everything!

The COSY AND DOZY shelves are a cat accessory which your cat can use as an observation point. From there, it can keep an eye on its surroundings, which gives it psychological comfort (especially if there are dogs and small children at home who cannot respect the need for cat isolation). A cat on a shelf mounted on the wall can rest in peace, without the stress of someone having access to it. He also has a sense of "control", because whenever he wants, he can open his eyes and make sure that everything is okay, seeing much more from a height.

There used to be cookers...

When the cat lived in the rainforest in a tree, it was unlikely to have a problem with the temperature because it was naturally suitable, quite high. Then came the time of houses, where there were cookers. Cats spent most of their time on such cookers, apart from hunting birds and rodents. Why? Because first of all they could be high up, as we have already mentioned, and secondly it was warm there. And from the cooker, and additionally because of the height of the place. 

Rest at the highest (sic!) level

Nowadays, few of us have a cooker, but the principle that warm air goes up is still valid in physics and it is not likely to change ;) That's why cats still look for those warm places somewhere high up. The COSY AND DOZY cat shelves are additionally padded with a suitable cushion and material so that such a cat bed fulfils this health-promoting need of the quadruped. Biologically, cats themselves have a higher body temperature and feel better at a higher temperature. They can rest better there to recuperate after a time of activity.

If we think that cats do nothing but sleep, then unfortunately we have to worry you, because this is not the case. Cats are often active at night, although we don't hear it, because - and here again we come back to the issue of the cat-predator - hunting has forced the cat to be perfectly quiet and careful. So let's give our feline friends the opportunity to fulfil needs which are natural for them and good for them. And as we all know - a happy cat is a healthy cat, and consequently a happy owner.

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