Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play
Catwalk Play

Catwalk Play

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If you want to pamper your cat and make him really happy, our CATWALK PLAY is the real treat. Not only do we do everything we can to help you respect your cat's needs and nurture their natural instincts. We also want your feline friends to love their space!

Shade of wood
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Wenge
Cushion color
  • Soft Cappuccino
  • Soft Grey
  • Soft White
  • Smooth Light Brown
  • Smooth Dark Grey
  • Elegant Red
  • Elegant Rose Grey
  • Elegant Green
  • Fluffy Anthracite
  • Fluffy Ecru
  • Fluffy Grey
  • Fluffy Sand
Color of the brackets
  • Silver
  • Black


🐱 Our CATWALK PLAY is designed with all your cat's natural needs in mind. Climbing, jumping, exploring and finally resting - all cats love to do this and it goes with their instincts. And when they live indoors and can't run and jump in trees, they don't have to miss anything at all!

CATWALK PLAY is a hanging play and rest area designed to keep your cat entertained for hours. It consists of a tunnel, which is a fantastic hiding place, and a hammock created for relaxing when your cat needs a moment's rest before the next game.

The listed CATWALK PLAY set includes the following:

  • Wooden Base with pre-installed metal bracket (ready to hang)
  • Tunnel
  • Hammock + two wooden bars
  • Fixings

The shelf is mounted vertically. The metal brackets are designed so that you can easily rotate the set 180 degrees and place the tunnel and hammock in the most convenient way for you and your cat - on both sides of the rack.

What is the most important feature of our shelves? Each of them can be in the same colours and materials, if you need it - you can create a set of several cat shelves that will look like a set. And if you wish to have each shelf different - we have such a selection of fabrics that you certainly won't run out of combinations!

Choose your favourite fabric and create your own unique vertical space so your cat can play and you can enhance your home decor with our 'cat' design. The wooden elements have a lifetime guarantee with us!

Kit ready to hang - just two holes in the wall.

Pins included 

27 inches (68 cm)
18.5 inches (47 cm)
metal bracket (pre-installed)
beech plywood
Tunnel dimensions
30 cm (12 inches) x Ø28 cm (11 inches)
HAMMOCK dimensions
50 cm (20 inches) x 28 cm (11 inches)
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What do cats need, shelves and tunnels for?

I need to hide

Cats are predatory animals. Maybe nowadays, when they live in our warm and comfortable homes, it doesn't seem so, but in the times before domestication, hunting was the basis of the cat's existence. These instincts are somewhat dormant now, as cats no longer have to worry about food at home, but... habits from the hunting times remain and these are needs of the cat, which we should take care of for the health of the quadruped.

The higher, the better

This is where the right accessories for cats come in. Cat hunters are still characterised by great curiosity about the world, they have sharpened some of their senses in order to be able to track down a possible prey, but at the same time, being on full alert for a long time (while playing or watching or controlling the environment), they need to rest in order to regenerate their strength. Cats have a strong need to invent such a hiding place to ensure a comfortable, undisturbed sleep. A hiding place is also needed to be able to attack from it or to have a good vantage point of as large an area as possible, while remaining unnoticed. This is very important for a cat.

I want to keep an eye on everything!

It is good if a wise owner realises this and provides the cat with just such a place. This is where tunnels work very well. Of course, as in the case of the cat shelf, the higher such a tunnel is placed, the better. Hence our idea for Catwalk Play - a tunnel with a shelf to hang on the wall. Not only the cat has its own hiding place, but it is also far away from other quadrupeds (or small "bipeds" which the cat may not tolerate or may simply have enough of) and in addition it provides thermal comfort (the higher, the warmer). Cats need higher temperature than the general one in the room to rest properly, they themselves have higher temperature than a human, the correct temperature for a cat is from 38,1 Celsius degrees to 39,2 Celsius degrees.

Cat's instinct

This is when the cat can rest in peace after the hardships of the hunt. (Yes, we know, these days it can be hunting for a toy feather or for a mosquito, but nevertheless it is a specific job for a cat, to which the animal applies itself as if it had just hunted for food for the whole week. It's just the way cats are. Instinct!). Such a hiding place gives the cat an advantage over its surroundings. The cat can see and the prey or the observed figure cannot see the cat - it is a very comfortable situation from the cat's point of view. And this peace and quiet - very important for the cat's health. 

I have to play (since I don't have to hunt)

Cats climb and want to be as high as possible, as they belong to the family of climbing mammals (tree-climbing mammals). A suitable cat ledge that allows cats to climb and be "up high" is sometimes the only way to ensure that cats can develop healthily and that their instincts can be fulfilled. Catwalk Play is a combination of a tunnel where the cat can hide, and a shelf where it can lie down, watching or napping - as a cat lounger. Such a shelf can also be another step in gaining a "wall". Catwalk Play combines these two features and allows the cat not only to play freely at height, it is also a shelter or sleeping place which is safe, pleasant, comfortable and convenient. Such a shelf for the cat will certainly be a great place to play and rest.

I need a good dose of proper "sport"

Cats need to be on the move. This is an instinctive way to ensure their health. They need to climb, they need to watch, they need to control terrain, they need challenges. If a cat sees even a small potential to climb somewhere higher, it immediately exploits it. Sometimes the mission fails, because our furniture is not trees in the jungle, but still, the cat just "has to". The cat wants to be high up, to see all "its" territory. If he can, even while sleeping, open his eyes and see the situation with one glance, then he feels safe and calm. And the climbing and jumping itself is an ideal muscle and joint training. Jumping engages all the major cat muscles. It's a natural movement for a cat.


That's why cat shelves, cat stairs, cat beds or wall-mounted tunnels became so popular among cats (and their owners). COZY AND DOZY shelves are designer furniture for cats so that they can decorate the house and serve our pets at the same time. COZY AND DOZY cat shelves are indispensable in cases such as fearfulness and anxiety in cats, withdrawal, aversion to small children and dogs. A cat shelf, a wall bed for a cat without access to other species is an asylum and a place of relaxation for the cat.

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