Which cat house to choose?

Is your cat a wild explorer who explores the whole house or, however, the dignified and tranquil head of your own backyard? Whatever the nature of your pet, every animal needs a cosy and isolated place to calm down, relax and sleep. Cat houses are ideal for this. Have you ever found a cat in a box left in the hallway? An open drawer or an open washing machine? This is definitely a sign that your feline is looking for a safe hiding place. A haven where he can rest after playing wildly, calm down and get a peaceful night's sleep. To meet its needs, cat houses have been developed. Above all, a cat house must be cosy and comfortable. This is exactly what the HolyCube is. This cat house is made of sturdy felt, which has a super-soft lounging material on the bottom. On top of that, the HolyCube is handmade in Poland and is machine washable.

The shed has been specially created for the IKEA Kallax and Expedit bookcases. You no longer have to compromise on space or type of decoration in your home, also if you have more cats. We guarantee that your pets will be delighted.

A multifunctional alternative is the Chill Box - a comfortable and airy house made of cardboard. Our cats love cardboard, which can be used for both resting and playing. The CHILL Box will also work great if you have more than one pet. The house will provide them with opportunities to hide and play together. It's great fun in a safe, stress-free environment.

Research has shown that the optimum room temperature for a cat is even approx. 30 degrees Celsius. The cardboard house keeps the underneath pleasantly warm, especially when placed on a cold floor. At the same time, it is airy thanks to the side windows.

In addition, our CHILL Box is the winner of the prestigious international RED DOT Design Award 2016 in the COMMUNICATION DESIGN category. It also won an award in the Art Of Packaging 2016 and PakStar 2016.

It is important to remember that a perfectly designed and manufactured house is not enough to make your pet happy. It still needs to be placed in the right place. The simplest and most logical solution is to place the house where your cat likes to be. However, we need to keep a few rules in mind. First and foremost, it must be quiet, so the house should stand in a place that is little frequented by people. Furthermore, there should be no draughts in the area we have chosen.

If everything is according to the guidelines and your pet still cannot convince himself of his new four corners, you can lure him there. Toys from the Beasty Toys range, filled with catnip, will help.

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