What to do with your cat during holiday trips?

What to do with your cat during holiday trips?

You are planning a holiday trip and the question arises: what to do with the cat? If you have decided to leave it at home - don't feel bad about it. Cats are territorial animals, so leaving them in their favorite place is always a good choice. It is worth remembering, however, that kitties are not self-sufficient, so leaving them on their own must be well planned - so that even the shortest trip does not become a real nightmare for them.


Plan their space


The most important element of separation planning is a good arrangement of the cat's space. Take care of every corner so that it encourages them to exercise, which in your absence will be mainly long naps. After such an intense rest, the kitty will need a dedicated corner to discharge its accumulated energy. Therefore, it is worth investing in cat furniture in advance, which will become its desired space: convenient solutions are, for example, stairs for a cat attached to the wall and shelves for a cat, which encourage jumping or simply moving around when the owner is absent. In addition, it will provide them with a place to observe their territory from above - it gives them a sense of security! In addition to large and fixed elements, it is also worth thinking about designer accessories for a cat such as a Beasty Toy with catnip, which, when thrown into a corner, will encourage the purrer to play and stimulate its senses. It will not only be great fun, but it will also encourage them to relax. Designer cat accessories are a great, eye-catching investment. By reaching for this type of well-thought-out gadget, we are more than sure that your cat will not miss their man so much. ;)




The most important rule during the trip: do not leave the cat alone!


Cats like to pretend to be loners, but that's just an impression! These creatures quickly become attached to their guardians and people who often visit their home. They easily form bonds that can last for many years, and leaving them alone for up to 10 hours can be tiring for them. A cat that we plan to leave even for one night should have organized care. It's best if this chosen person not only comes to check if everything is okay with them, but also takes their time to play with the kitty for a while and thus alleviate their feeling of loneliness. Before choosing a specific person to act as a guardian, the kitty should get to know them in advance so that they can accept their inclusion in the herd. Remember that a self-cleaning litter box or an automatic feeder will never replace the presence of another human being.



Cat furniture and exclusive cat accessories are a perfect solution not only for everyday use, but also for longer absences of the owner. It is worth choosing such gadgets that will match the temperament of our kittycat. Likes to be at heights? Reach for cat wall shelves! Or maybe they prefer to constantly keep their paws on toys? The more they will enjoy Beasty Toys with catnip! Check out our wide range of smart solutions from CosyAndDozy and make your feline friend happy.

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