What to do with a cat when a lot is going on? The festive season with a cat.

As soon as the doorbell rings, the cat stiffens and becomes alert? When guests arrive, they run away and don't know where to hide? It doesn't have to be that way. Check out how to prepare your cat for the arrival of guests.

Designate a safe territory for your cat

The cat is a territorial animal that likes to be in control of its space. That is why it is best if he can hide from the eyes and hands of guests - especially small children who are not always careful in contact with a quadruped.

A cardboard cat house made of ecological material, which will give your cat more privacy, or a cosy Holy Cube booth, lined with super-soft material, may be a great shelter.

A good choice will also be the Molly's Heaven cat bed, which adapts to the body and is the perfect place for a cat nap. These and many other fashionable accessories for cats can be found in our store. It's worth checking them out, because they will also fit perfectly into the Christmas atmosphere!

Let your pet control its environment - e.g. from its lair on the wall

In addition to the fact that cats like to isolate themselves from time to time, it is worth mentioning how important it is for them to be able to observe their surroundings from above. It gives them peace of mind and minimizes stress. That is why cat shelves can be a good solution. Our shelves, apart from their usefulness, are beautiful, durable and extremely comfortable. And they can be an attractive element of any interior design.

A cat lair on the wall is also a great way to increase your pet's activity. Thanks to it, they will exercise their muscles and will be more willing to climb - it's really healthy for them!

Watch out for Christmas decorations - how to protect your cat during the holidays?

For many of us, Christmas is a magical time and an opportunity to decorate your home with blinking lights, wreaths or sweet pastries. If you have a cat, you know how much care is needed to avoid causing your pet additional stress.

The first thing that is associated with Christmas is the Christmas tree. If you want it to last through the holidays, anchor it well to the floor or secure it with weights. You can also tie the tree to the ceiling to keep it strong and stable when your cat tries to climb on top of it.

Also, watch out for dangerous decorations, such as glass baubles, chains or Christmas lights. After all, many furry dogs feel an uncontrollable urge to gnaw on wires or things that drop on the floor.

Thanks to this, you will ensure your cat's safety and avoid unnecessary stress, because everything will be under control.

Your guests are your cat's guests

Now you know how important it is to prepare your pet for this holiday season. A safe environment that gives them peace of mind and a sense of control can be key. So give your cat a peaceful Christmas - and yourself an elegant piece of furniture that will fit into your interior! At Cosy and Dozy you will find unique shelves and cat beds for the wall and you can choose a personalized color for the wood, cushion and brackets!

Such a gift can ensure that your cat won't be stressed about any visits anymore, as long as they have a place from which they can keep a close eye on their territory. After all, cats are our devoted friends and household members, so it's worth making them feel at ease with our guests.

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