Do you have any New Year's resolutions? Some people shun them, others like to make long lists of things they'll do next year. What about your cat? If you could ask them what they want, what would they tell you? 

If you find it difficult to answer this question, we are here to help. Here are 5 things that could be among your cat's New Year resolutions. 

5 needs of your cat:

1.    Place to run

So as to be able to run around and exercise the muscles. Did you know about the popular cat track that hangs from the ceiling? This is a good solution, especially in small, compact apartments.

2.    Climbing spots

Climbing shelves? Or maybe stairs? Be sure to check out the designer accessories for cats that you can find on our website. Climbing helps your cat stay fit and get rid of their built up energy.

3.    Places to observe

Do you have a cat hammock or bed at home that is placed up high? Thanks to such a piece of furniture, the cat can observe its entire territory, which gives it a sense of control and peace.

4.    Sleeping places

A safe space that belongs only to them. Of course, the cat will sometimes choose the couch or your bed. However, it is important that in more stressful situations - e.g. when guests are visiting - they have their own asylum where no one will disturb them.

5.    A place to play

One in which there are no obstacles or sharp edges, so that no one gets hurt during intense play. 

Did you know that you can achieve almost all of the above points with just one wall bed from COSY AND DOZY? We recommend adding two climbing steps and a pet-friendly Beasty Toy and then every point will be met! 

But wait… 

Why actually meet a cat's list of New Year's resolutions? 

What will you achieve by meeting your cat's needs? 

By ordering a cat bed for the wall and other designer accessories for cats from COSY AND DOZY, you will take care of your cat's physical and mental fitness. You have the chance to give them a longer and happier life! 

1.    Safety means less stress

In a space adapted to the cat, the kitty is calmer, relaxed and happier. They feel they have their own territory, which satisfies needs and instincts. After all, they are animals with a bit of a wild nature, right?

2.    Comfort helps build mutual trust

When you treat your cat like a member of the household, you become a member of their pack. Sharing space makes it easier for you to live together. For example: a cat is unlikely to scratch furniture if it has its own scratcher.

3.    Good conditions mean a long and healthy life

The right conditions can extend your cat's life - this is primarily due to the reduction of stress and the right amount of physical activity during the day. The latter is difficult to maintain in the case of domestic cats. 

Proper care of your cat's needs can therefore contribute to its condition and health for years. And it's worth keeping the kitty with us for long as possible, right? 

A beautiful house and a happy cat - that's our goal 

At COSY AND DOZY, we believe that it is worth listening to your cat's needs. Thanks to our designer furniture for cats, creating a friendly space has never been easier. 

This is an offer for those who appreciate aesthetic interiors and are able to recognize the needs of their cat. 

Therefore, go to today and fulfil at least one wish of your pet.

We have loads of options for cat beds on the wall on our website.

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