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When taking a kitten under our roof, we don't always think about whether our apartment is properly prepared for them. It is worth having at the back of your mind the fact that a pet, just like a human, needs adequate space to feel fully comfortable. The decision to accept a cat is sometimes spontaneous, but regardless of how the decision is made, remember that there is always a right time to provide them with the right living conditions. So how to do it? Reach for cat accessories that will change your space.

When completing a layette for your kitten, we often check off the list such things as: a litter box, a bowl, food and a classic fishing rod toy. And then the question arises: what next? The items listed are intended to provide the cat with the right living conditions, but note that there is no entertainment in them, and you must also remember to provide that.

Choose the right accessories and furniture for your cat

Cat furniture comes to the rescue, filling the space in our apartment in such a way that it immediately becomes attractive to our pet. Most of us enjoy it when our cat sneaks into our bed… even though we are not supposed to allow it, but the undeniable fact is that every pet should have its own alternative corner. In this case, it is worth getting a cat bed, which will become its escape from everyday life. As a rule, our little tigers are introverts - this is their nature, so if we want to provide them with this private space, a cat bed will be an excellent choice. Remember, however, to get one that will make them happy with high quality and durability for many years - in this case, it is worth paying attention to products with the possibility of taking the cover off and washing it. Cats adore cleanliness and we have to provide them with this freshness, which is why we recommend such a solution in the Cosy and Dozy offer (check: Molly's Heaven Pet Bed Small for Cats).

Cat bed - rest and fun rolled into one!

If you've been a cat owner for a while, you've probably noticed their obsession with hiding - they just love to do it! Don't stop them from doing so if they enjoy it. What's more, you can buy a cat bed or a cat house that will perfectly fit into their lifestyle, for example, a Chill Box, which was awarded a Red Dot Design Award, acts as a container for cats. If you are looking for irreplaceable design combined with absolutely simple assembly, you've come to the right place - and your kitty will belt out a cat's serenade for this choice as a sign of their gratitude.

Do you want your kitty to spare the couch? Choose the right scratching post!

Staying on the cat accessories theme, let's move on to another important issue, scratching posts. We often feel forced to use them, and our argument is that "the cat should not scratch the couch". But should this be the only purpose of this purchase? Reaching for the cheapest, thinnest post with poorly glued sisal, will not provide the purr with what they expect. The scratching post should become another element of our home, where the cat will be able to express its predator nature and at the same time appreciate the originality of the product. Cardboard scratchers with curved, wavy shapes will surely be something your kitty will love. What's more - such a space will be used not only for sharpening claws, but also for everyday relaxation and lounging. The Kabou and Feline scratchers are the perfect solution, which will also look beautiful in any living room. We can confirm: high quality and attractive design can go hand in hand!

When choosing furniture for your pet, pay attention to the natural needs of your cat

If you care about your kitty's well-being, reach for cat furniture that will immediately improve it! Choosing the right accessories for your cat, you also take care of its health, because let's not forget that play is also physical activity that our little predators need. Nevertheless, it is worth investing in a product that will delight us with its durability for many years, so we encourage you to trust our brand, our operation and effectiveness, which has been confirmed by many awards, both on the Polish and foreign market.

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