The cat is left alone at home? Leave a gift for your pet...

Even a short separation from your pet can be unpleasant for them. However, our actions can make this time pass faster and make it more pleasant than it might seem. Exclusive cat accessories come to the rescue, and they can surprise you with how easy it is to take care of cats in your absence. In this case, it is about intensive play with ... a new favorite toy!


How to take care of your cat when they stay at home alone?


First of all: a good plan is essential!


When leaving the house, make sure that your cat feels comfortable and does not meow your neighbors into madness. Of course, we have to take care of the basics - access to a clean litter box, fresh water and food. However, in addition to this, it is worth keeping your little kitty entertained. You don't need a lot to make the time of being alone enjoyable. It is worth thinking about designer cat accessories that will blow their mind, and this is our plan! So reach for a toy with, for example, catnip, and you'll find that your cat spends time exactly the way it would if it could make its own choices.


Second: cat toys with catnip are a brilliant solution


There is a lot of talk about catnip, but are we all aware of how great it is for our cats?

Catnip is a completely safe plant for kitties. It has a calming, relaxing and stimulating effect. It is worth knowing that stimulation usually lasts a maximum of 10 minutes, after which the cat's smell receptors stop responding to the substance contained in it ... and then the desired state of relaxation begins. Following this path, we emphasize: catnip can not be overdosed, which makes it a valuable raw material for every cat owner – it’s worth having it at hand!



Third: combine business with pleasure


Cat furniture, such as a scratching post or a cat shelf, is a brilliant solution for a moment of relaxation, but sometimes it is worth thinking about something more. We are talking about toys of course! Especially young kittens love them! Although our older redhead Ricky, who you can see in the images, clearly felt young again with them. ;) What is the secret of his toys? Catnip!


No gadget will delight our cats as much as the one that will have an element of this popular plant in it. By leaving a pet such a gift when we are away from home, we can be sure that its time will be partly active and partly relaxing: just right on target!


When deciding on a catnip toy, it is worth to bare in mind that it will be used all the time, because for a long while it will surely be the most attractive item at home. Therefore, it is worth investing in one of good quality, e.g. on our Beasty Toys, which:


- we sew by hand in Poland,

- they have strong seams, which makes them tight and safe for purrers,

- they contain an appropriate portion of catnip,

- they are in the eco friendly! They are made of leftover materials from our lairs, then they are filled with buckwheat husk and catnip,

- and most importantly: they have a great shape, made for fun!


You will find this type of product in the Cosy and Dozy offer, because a cat's satisfaction is our number one priority.


By leaving this small gift for your pet when saying goodbye, we reduce their stress level, provide a calm mind and the awareness that this day will be very pleasant for them. In fact, small gestures make the lives of our feline friends go as they could only dream. Good solutions are just at your fingertips. Order a gift for your pet today and make the time spent alone pleasant - check out Beasty Toys and choose something special for your pet.

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