Set healthy limits for your pet - how to train your cat

Did you know cats like rules? Yes! Thanks to them they feel safe and know what to expect. That is why it is worth setting boundaries from the very beginning and giving kitty rewards for following them.

When you set limits with yourself in mind

Often, when setting boundaries for our pet, we think more about ourselves. That is why we buy our cat a litter box, we do not allow it to play with our shoes but only with selected toys, and we do not feed it at its every request. The latter is sometimes impossible - how to resist such a sweet, hungry tabby?

It is also good to give our pet a good quality scratching post, which will allow them to relieve stress and rub their claws at different angles. This is what our scratchers do - tailored to the cat’s needs in every respect. Besides - having a scratching post makes it more likely that the cat will stop sharpening its claws on your favorite armchair.

The key is setting boundaries for the good of the animal

Many of us sometimes forget that physiological needs are not the only needs of our animals. What else do our cats need? Rules! By working on raising your pet, you can improve communication between you and establish a stronger bond with them.

It turns out that setting boundaries is a good way to get to know your pet better and make them a cooperative furry friend.

How to effectively set boundaries?

Behaviorists advise us not to pay attention to the bad behavior of an animal but to reward the desired behavior instead. It is better to react to inappropriate behavior with a firm "no", connected, for example, with a clap of the hand. This will distract the cat from its activities, and then it will focus on the alternative play that we offer.

It is worth considering that some behaviors are inherent in the nature of the animal. For example, cats are territorial creatures. When they are in the higher parts of the house, they feel a greater sense of security and control. That is why it is good to meet their needs and furnish the apartment with exclusive cat furniture, instead of scolding them for climbing over the cupboards.

Cat accessories that support the raising of the pet

If you want to take care of your cat's needs, but at the same time have eye-catching accessories in your interior, we have everything you need. Our designer accessories for cats will perfectly fit into any decor!

Our cat lairs are not only a beautiful decoration for the apartment - they also allow the animal to observe the room from above or exercise its muscles. Besides - what cat wouldn't want to lie on a well-attached cat shelf with a soft cushion?

The Won Ton Bowl is another of our cat products. Thanks to it, you will take care of the cleanliness of the place where your cat eats - of course at the desired feeding times. Behaviorists also recommend adding a feeding sound here. It can be a snap of a finger or a specific word.

Do you want to give your cat the ideal space for development, rest and physical activity? Go to our website and check out all the accessories that will help you do this!

The rules you have in the house should be introduced gradually, so that the cat has time to learn them. However, it is worth following them in order to live in harmony with your special kitty. And furniture and accessories from COSY AND DOZY will perfectly support you in implementing these rules!

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