Proven ideas for playing with the cat

If you have a cat at home, you need to understand that you live with a small predator… and you can't fool genetics! A very important element of raising a feline friend is to remember about their instincts, which need to be satisfied. Daily play is a key part of the puzzle and the satisfaction of your fuzzy purrer. Cat toys will effectively help you meet their needs and therefore keep your little one happy.

Scratched furniture and sometimes even hands? Your cat wants to tell you something.

Don't yell at your pet for scratching the couch again or throwing his claws at your hand. This behavior forces us to think about what the animal wants to convey, because remember that absolutely no unusual activity comes out of nowhere. A solution for this type of situation is a cat scratcher, which your cat will associate with a tree. Contrary to many myths - it is not used to blunt claws, but to sharpen them, which is important in terms of behavior.A cat scratcher also satisfies its hunting instincts, as it often serves as a great place to hunt or peek at the world from above.


Everything under his paw becomes a toy? Change it!

If you are annoyed with picking up dirty socks, hair bands or other items that are not necessarily dedicated to cat games, react accordingly. Probably your kitty wants to tell you that they do not see anything interesting around them to play with during the day. You can change this by giving them cat toys that will stimulate their playful instincts. A fishing rod will not only be a great way to stimulate their hunting instincts, but also effectively improves the relationship between the cat and the human, it’s a great solution, because the owner is also needed for this game! Even a 5 minute hunt with a fishing rod can satisfy our predator's needs.

Cuddly toys are not only for kids, but also for cats!

Animals, like our children, also love their own stuffed animals. Not only do they look cute when they sleep with them, but some cats actually show a desire to fetch them. Not only dogs can do this trick - cats can do it just as well. Cat teddies can be a lot of fun, and even more so when they are additionally filled with catnip. This plant stimulates our pets and thus brings them a lot of joy. Catnip toys only work on our furballs for about 10 minutes, as the animals get used to the smell they emit. Of course, after a long break, the excitement and the joy of having this fun returns! Remember that catnip is safe for our pets. It is worth investing in natural toys that will not cause any harm to pets.

Playing with your cat may seem one-sided, which is to your advantage, but we assure you that it is not. When practiced regularly, this activity significantly affects the cat-human relationship. It allows you to build an irreplaceable bond, and most importantly - it also builds trust, which is not too easy to build for our indoor predators. It should be remembered that we do not have to torture ourselves and the cat if we plan to have fun together. Even a short but intense 10 minutes can do the job even for the whole day, the key is regularity and finding out what type of play suits our pet best. The more attempts, the greater the possibility of getting to know the kitty's character, which is extremely important.

We are happy to help you get to know your pet better, and you can do so thanks to our dedicatedBeasty Toys series created for our purring friends!

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