Moving with a cat – or what to do to change the apartment and make your pet happy

Moving is very stressful for both people and purrers. However, there are ways to relieve unnecessary tension and make even a cat feel like a fish in water within the new four walls! With our human help and creativity, we are able to provide them with a friendly corner they will need, even in an unfamiliar place.


How to prepare for moving home with your cat?


Cats are territorial animals, so traveling or moving houses with them are topics that the owner should always approach calmly and with a good plan. Despite their intense territoriality, those little tigers possess certain character traits that are worth paying attention to, and when we give them enough attention, we will discover that even a previously unknown place can become a dream corner at first sight.


Do you want your kitten to FEEL at home? Remember about cat senses!


Cats are animals with extremely heightened senses: one of those, which we should not ignore indifferently, is definitely the sense of smell. If we plan to change, for example, the existing cat lair for something better and get designer furniture for your cat, it is still worth introducing them to the house before the final change of place of residence, so that the cat can stick its claws into the new object and leave its scent on the toys. This small element will significantly affect acclimatization to the new place, where there will probably be many surprises awaiting them, e.g. in the form of wall shelves for the cat, which they did yet have. Remember not to decide on a total revolution but also to take their favorite accessories to the new place of residence, which the animal will sentimentally recognize from their previous home.


Each new change is a real revolution for a purrer - so make a good plan and try, for example, to transport the cat's bed at least one day in advance to free them from chaos and stress, which will probably accompany you to a greater or lesser extent on the day of moving. If you have such an opportunity, take your pet to a ready and fully finished apartment to ensure it has a minimum amount of stress. If your pet is one of those animals that doesn’t tolerate changes very well - think about a few days off, so you can spend some time with them slowly exploring new nooks and crannies.



Be encouraging and supportive for your cat


The most important element of moving with a cat is the sense of security that lies in your hands. Especially remember that designer furniture for a cat should be wrapped in a familiar scent in advance, e.g. your favorite blanket or your T-shirt. The same applies to cat accessories - choose Beasty Toys from Cosy and Dozy and up to a month before moving make them a real friend for your pet during this intense time.


When entering a completely new era for you and your feline friend, make the space exactly as he or she expects. Exclusive accessories for cats from Cosy and Dozy are perfect for this helpful role! Choose a toy for your purrer with an extremely thoughtful design and enjoy their lifelong satisfaction.

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