I can't leave my cat alone ... - how to travel with a cat!

I can't leave my cat alone ... - how to travel with a cat!


The holiday trip is approaching and you are already sure that you will not be able to leave your little purrer at home for this time? Not a problem - take it with you! While kitties are territorial animals, traveling is one of the activities to which they can get used to. The main thing is good preparation, which will ensure that both you and your pet will not be stressed by this trip.


Remember that the carrier is a portable cat house


The moment you take the kittycat from its territory, you need to find another familiar space for it, which will become its safe corner. When traveling, it is a carrier, but there are several methods to make it a pleasant space for the cat. It is worth taking it out of the wardrobe earlier, preferably a few days before leaving, then put the kitty’s favorite blanket inside it and let them start getting used to it. In this way, the kitty will leave its smell in the carrier in advance and it will not be something terrible for them.


Don't forget to give them water


Traveling with a cat, despite making all the best efforts, can be stressful. In addition, we are not able to predict whether the high temperature will not give us a hard time on the day of our trip. Get a portable bottle with a bowl and give your cat water during the trip. In this way, you will allow them to relax and most importantly - not to dehydrate.


Associate your trip with something pleasant


It is in the hands of the owner, that it is the responsibility of the owner, to associate traveling with something pleasant. Let's remember about dedicated, exclusive cat accessories, which can allow you to devote this time to having some fun! Put designer accessories for cats into the carrier, e.g. Beasty Toys with catnip and give your pet a moment of relaxation and activity. Even an innocent patting of his paw can give him a lot of fun during many hours of traveling.

Our cat set, sets a great holiday mood


Think about how to arrange your cat’s space at your destination


It is important that the cat also finds itself in a place where you will spend the next few days together. There are many designer cat accessories that you can take with you due to their small size or foldability. Think of a small cardboard cat house (such as our designer Chill Box) or a flat scratching post. Manufacturers make it possible to buy cat accessories that are perfect for traveling.


Take the taming stage calmly


Even if you only spend a few days in a new place, remember that it is a great experience for a cat. Let them get used to their surroundings at their own pace. For starters, you can put them in one room which they can sniff as best they can, and as their tail slowly starts to rise you can open the door and let them go explore further. Let them conquer this territory!

Traveling with a cat can be interesting and enjoyable, but what it will be like depends only on us! There are cats that will not necessarily like this form of activity, but will be able to tolerate it. There are also individuals that can even fall in love with traveling. Take care of your pet's well-being with CosyAndDozy and use our exclusive accessories for cats that will make your time more pleasant!


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