How to tame a small cat at home ?

To tame a cat at home, you need to gain its trust and overcome its fear of humans. This will require you to be very patient, but at the same time it is very simple. In order to build a bond with a cat, it is necessary to give it the feeling that contact with a human is useful and, in addition, pleasant. It is a well-established belief that cats are rather self-interested and indifferent animals. However, the facts are completely different. They are pets that are sensitive, have an elaborate emotional sphere, and their affection is truly deep and lasting. That is why it is so important to wisely nurture the relationship with the pet from the very first moments.

A change of environment is a huge stress for a kitten, so don't expect a lot of interaction in the first days. This is the time for the cat to become accustomed to the new territory. It is necessary to provide our new household member with a secluded, quiet place. A comfortable bed or even a house where he can hide will be ideal. From the first moment you also need to provide the cat with a litter box and food and water bowls.

An optimal cat bed can also be a wall mounted cat shelf Cats love being up high and looking down on their territory, so they certainly won't reject such a bed, which can happen with more traditional solutions. Shelves are recommended by feline behaviorists, especially if there are other pets or small children in the apartment. It is on the height that kittens can experience peace and feel safe, which is very important in the first days of taming. From the beginning, give your cat a bit of "catification." This is a term coined by expert Jackson Galaxy. It refers to the creation of an optimal space in the apartment, which will ensure that the kitten meets all its needs in accordance with its instincts. The first stage of taming can last from a few to as many as a dozen days. Patience and the absence of nervous movements, such as violent attempts to catch or stroke, which can frighten the kitten, are crucial. The first stage ends when our pet walks freely around the apartment. Then you can start the gradual process of socialization, which is already much more pleasant for the cat parent! When the cat begins to feel comfortable in his new domain, you need to get him used to contact with his new owner. To do this, you should keep him company and talk to him in an affectionate, warm voice. Eventually, the time will come for the first games. Beasty Toys. They will be perfect for breaking the first ice with the kitten. The pet will not be able to resist the filling containing dried catnip leaves! From playing, it's only a tiny step to making physical contact. The first attempt at stroking should be made when the cat is busy eating or sharpening its claws on the scratching post. Once your darling sees how pleasant affection is, he will demand it himself!

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