How to play with a cat?

Playing with a cat is definitely one of cat lovers' favorite pastimes. The sight of an enthusiastic pet chasing its own tail or performing amazing acrobatics always cheers up the mood and can even bring you to tears. However, it is worthwhile to approach playing with your cat responsibly. We must be aware that it should not only serve as our entertainment, but it should also meet the natural needs of the cat and develop its instincts. If we neglect this aspect, the kitty may start to exhibit behavioral disorders, become hyperactive and aggressive, or on the contrary, lethargic and depressed. That is why today we present three selected methods of playing with your cat that meet all of the above criteria, that is, on the one hand, entertaining, and on the other, ensure our pet's proper development.

What are the best ways to play with your cat?

Kitties, especially young ones, are full of almost inexhaustible energy, like activities that allow them to be wild and stimulate the secretion of endorphins, hormones responsible for creating a good mood. These activities include:

• searching,

• hunting,

• climbing.

These are the three most effective, and at the same time simple and undemanding, ways to play with your cat. Searching and hunting for toys awakens the hunter's instinct in them and teaches how to properly implement it - thanks to this, we can tame the call of nature, redirecting it in the right direction and thus protecting our hands and legs from being scratched. Climbing, in turn, develops the cat's correct motor skills and sense of balance, they are also a test of skills - by overcoming an obstacle course created by us, the animal challenges itself and is successful, while also sharpening its claws. All these ways of playing with the cat additionally relax them, ensuring a good night's sleep. There are also other methods of playing with your cat, but not all of them are worth recommending.

What to avoid when playing with a cat?

First of all, we should remember that you shouldn't force your cat to play beyond its strength or when it doesn't feel like it. Let's adjust to its temperament instead of forcing it to be active in the most uncomfortable moments. Let's also try to be a wise mentor to them, not a tyrant - let's not shout when they make trouble while playing, but teach them the right behavior. In addition, we also advise against reaching for toys such as strings or ribbons, their threads may get caught on the rough and delicate cat's tongue. A laser is also not an appropriate toy for playing with a cat - for two reasons. First of all, the laser light can easily damage our and kitty's eyesight, so it is not a safe toy. Secondly, the laser allows the cat to hunt its prey, but prevents it from being hunted down, which causes them quite a bit of frustration - and that's not what play is about, right?

What cat toys are worth reaching for?

The best cat toys are:

• mascots resembling mice and other small mammals;

• fishing rods, i.e. poles with a string at the end of a hand-made mouse filled with catnip.

Such toys are a real attraction for every kitty, because they allow them to chase, jump, bite and scratch at will. Of course, you can buy them in our store - we offer both various shaped mascots and fishing rods with a mouse. The rats, kittens, fish, starfish and seahorses from the Beasty Toys series allow the cat to play on its own, while the fishing rod is useful for play with the owner. All these cat toys are made of durable, scratch-resistant material, which guarantees their long life, and the mascots are additionally filled with catnip, with an alluring and stimulating smell, so they are just being asked for your cat to catch them.

We hope these tips will inspire you to play with your pets! If you capture this moment in photos or videos, feel free to post them in the comments under the post! We also encourage you to share ideas for your favorite games :)

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