How to choose the best cat bed?

Cats are animals that can sleep up to 16 hours a day. This means that when choosing a bed for a cat, it is worth choosing one that will meet all its requirements and provide the greatest possible comfort during these incredibly long periods of sleep. By choosing a high-quality cat lounger, which will additionally meet the requirements of our four-legged friends, we are sure that we provide an attractive space for them. So before we make the final decision to buy a specific item, it’s worth analyzing what works best.

A lair at a height

Cats are dominant animals, and thus… observers. They love to look at the world from above because it gives them a sense of control over what is happening around them. That is why a wall bed for a cat is a great choice, as it will provide it with everything it expects. The high vantage point will give them a feeling of "ruling the world", which will help them quickly sail away to the land of dreams and enjoy a blissful, longed-for rest. Our dedicated series of wall beds: Chill Cat Shelf works equally well for everyday relaxation as well as for longer naps. We should also remember that when choosing a wall shelf for our kitty, we must pay attention to the unique design that will fit well with the style of our apartment.

A lair which is closed in the form of a booth

Another feature of a cat is the willingness to constantly hide, and since they show us this part of themselves, it is worth providing your pet with adequate space for it. Such a solution is, for example, a closed lair that resembles a booth, which serves as a hiding place during play, and is also perfect during a short nap or long sleep. Our Holycube product, which meets all these standards, is loved by the cats. When getting inside, it is hard to decide whether it is time to have fun, or whether it is worth taking a longer nap. Multifunctionality is a really cool thing!

Bet on an ecological cat bed

If you decide to buy a classic bed with a comfortable, soft cushion, just remember to check if the cover can be removed and thrown into the wash. We often choose a cheaper alternative, but we don’t realize that it doesn’t go hand in hand with protecting the environment or simply being convenient. An ecological cat bed is characterized by the fact that it will serve its owners well for many years. Knowing that our little purrers are clean, definitely that they will not want to lie in something that has not been washed regularly. The more we recommend that the cat lounger meets all hygiene standards, the more perfect for their everyday life.

Choosing the right cat bed may seem complicated, but we assure you that it is not. The main thing is to find the right seller who offers the highest quality products and, most importantly, remembers about feline nature. To providing our pussycats with the right space we must think like a cat and remember that one of its features is: a 24-hour observer, while another is a fugitive, i.e. a desire to hide from the world and ... a constant passion for hunting. Another, equally important element is being overly clean - and we must respect all of that. Analyzing cat behavior and their character is definitely helpful in choosing the perfect product, which in this case is a cat bed. Any purchase decision is good if you have your little cat at the back of your head!

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