January is the month of plans! We're assuming you're thinking of remodeling or refreshing your interior this year... right? It's worth doing. Sometimes all it takes is a small change to make them feel even better in your home. 

And it just so happens that COSY AND DOZY products are so universal that it doesn't matter what interior design style you like. They will fit into your plan perfectly! 

In what style will you create an interior with COSY AND DOZY?

Thanks to COSY AND DOZY cat beds and accessories, you can arrange your space freely. This is due to their minimalism and unusual shape. In addition, the multitude of colors and combinations that you can choose gives you unlimited possibilities! See what styles you can create with COSY AND DOZY shelves.

1.    Modern

It is simple, chic and transparent. The Corner Shelf will be perfect for this style - elegant and minimalist. It is a safe and comfortable place from which your pet will be able to observe its entire territory.

2.    Scandinavian

It is a bright and cosy interior dominated by subdued colors. With the Chill Deluxe shelf in the fluffy version, you will add comfort to your home. The shape will match the rest of the furniture, and the fluffy pillow will harmonize with your favorite blanket.

3.    Rustic

Full of freedom, in line with the slow life philosophy. It is associated with holidays in the countryside and a warm home. You can hang a classic Chill shelf with wooden colors which will be the perfect solution here. You and your cat will feel comfortable and snug.

4.    Hampton

Do you like a calm sea climate? Subdued colors and an interior full of harmony with a touch of luxury will surely appeal to you. And the Feline and Kabou scratchers will complement it, giving it a bit of modernity, while not changing its unique character.

5.    Your own style

Yes! Designer furniture for cats from COSY AND DOZY will fit into any design idea. With just a little bit of imagination refreshing your interior will become easier than you think.

What kind of interior are you planning for yourself? Match them with your cat's needs 

Perhaps you are wondering if our accessories for cats will work only in the above styles ... After all, there are many more interior design possibilities. 

We have good news: a properly selected shelf, cushion and wood color have a good chance of fitting into any style! All products from COSY AND DOZY are simple, elegant, stylish and without unnecessary additions. That is why it is so easy to adapt them to your needs. 

And cats love them. Thanks to their unique shapes, they are comfortable for sleeping and lounging on. And the soft, well-attached cushion of our beds ensures comfort regardless of your cat’s resting position. 

All our products are also handmade, which ensures your safety and guarantees the highest quality.

Cats are members of the family 

At COSY AND DOZY, we believe that cats are full members of the family - that's why it's worth creating their own corner for them. Their place in the home that meets their needs and supports natural instinctive behaviors - such as scratching, climbing, jumping or resting at height. 

It's easy! All you have to do is choose the style of your interior and match it with a cat bed at www.cosyanddozy.com!

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