How cats cope in hot weather and what to do to help them!


How cats cope in hot weather and what to do to help them!

We are just before the great culmination, i.e. the moment when the temperature will reach its highest peak. I am talking about July, which is a very hot month not only for us, but also for our pets. We know exactly what to do to cool down our body and to soothe ourselves But do you know how to deal with your pet during this period? We must also remember about them!



We are lucky that life has not given us fur, which is troublesome in the summer season. However, when putting ourselves in our pet’s shoes, we can guess that having fur is not very pleasant. There are a number of ways to effectively help our pet and they are all a piece of cake!


One of them is the classic cat bed, which will slightly change its function if you put in it, for example, a bottle wrapped in a towel. Of course, it should be filled with chilled water. Wrapping the bottle with a towel allows the cold to slowly release and thus pleasantly soothes our kitty. Of course, such an item can also be put into a cat house. Imagination has no limits! We should also remember about the existence of such inventions as, for example, the Holycubelair, which gives the desired shade. Great deal, right?


Let's also not forget about the simplest of methods, i.e. constantly changing fresh water! Ensure you have a bowl that will be easy to clean. When the heat rises, the bacteria are constantly doing their job, even though we cannot see them. Therefore, we must remember about hygiene and frequently washing of our pets' bowls will really help. A cat fountain is also a great option, from which the purrer has constant access to fresh water.

Cat lounger? Cat shelf? A year-long vacation for your little friend

The summer season is a really great time to enjoy the beautiful long days and not worry too much. Cat furniture is a brilliant invention that, when combined with smart design, can turn out to be very useful when the temperature reaches its zenith. We should also not be afraid that a product bought especially for our cat will spoil the atmosphere of our home. Designer cat furniture has been created with the highest aesthetics in mind. This combination is purrfect for demanding kitties ... and their owners!



If you like to take your cat out in the garden or, for example, for a walk, you should also think about designer cat accessories that will also work in other conditions. There are still plenty of brilliant solutions. Both cat furniture and exclusive cat accessories can surprise you with their cleverness and modern design.


Make this summer season more fun for your cat than the previous one! Check out the wide range of products that have been tailored to the needs of purplish creatures. At, we guard the needs of our feline friends. You don’t believe it? Try… and you will always remember us.

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