Do you already have a cat and are planning to introduce a new one ...? Check out how to be prepared.

Are you going away a lot? Or maybe you are just working and you are away from home for a long time during the day? If so, you probably feel guilty that you have to often leave your cat at home alone...

After returning home, you try to reward them by playing some games with them, but sometimes in the back of your head you think that nothing would replicate it having a four-legged friend, right? Besides - did you know that no one will make your pet's ears as clean as another cat would? ;) So if you are considering bringing a new cat into your home, be sure to read this post.

How to prepare to adopt a new pet? Remember about space!

Many people who consider adopting a new pet focus on whether it will have enough space. However, by this concept we mainly understand space as the area of the apartment. But space is not just square meters. The new cat has to have its own cat bed, litter box, brush, toys and other cat accessories. After all, you want both of your pets to feel at home. That's why it's good to know how else you can get them used to each other.

What accessories should you have to take care of your pets?

Among the things that can help your pet settle in is a cat house, for example, which can give your new kitty some privacy. It is also worth investing in a well-made scratching post - one that will allow it to rub its claws at different angles. After all, a properly fitted scratching post will make it more likely that your furry cat will not sharpen its claws on your favorite couch.

Therefore, cat furniture should not only be an eye-catching accessory, but also something that allows the cat to scratch, climb, catch, jump, but also rest. In short - satisfying their instincts.

It is good for each cat to have its own accessories. Why? Think for yourself - what would you do if a stranger suddenly lay down on your bed or started drinking from your cup? ;) No way, right? Cats do not differ much from us in this matter - they need definitive boundaries.

Do you want your cats to like each other? Remember to give them their own places!

To familiarize cats with the new situation, give them separate spaces in the house where only they will rule. You can do this, for example, by using cat furniture. It is important that the cats can watch each other. Thanks to this, they will get used to each other's presence and over time they will start to approach each other on their own. A Holycube is perfect for this role, which can be placed in an open bookcase. It is a lair that will provide your new household member with their own space and a bit of intimacy.

Are you afraid it's not enough? In case of any problems or doubts, you can always consult a behaviorist - a specialist in this area. After all, living with a roommate can be really difficult sometimes. Even our furry friends need support for this!

Take care of your cat with COSY AND DOZY

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