Chill Box – beneficial for everyone

Every vet knows the best how to take care of the sterile conditions during a surgical procedure.

But what after it is done? The vets of course gives the instructions, but they are not sure if the pet’s owner would follow them.

The pet after the procedure carried out in the sterile conditions usually ends up in a transporter that was used several times. A container found in the dark corner of a wardrobe or covered with a thick layer of dust.  

Firstly, it may lead to unnecessary stress, and more importantly to infections and complications.

What can you do about it?

Here is our solution – a CHILL Box transporter

Why it is so special and how can it be useful for the clinic owners?

  • Sterile (each CHILL Box is separately packed)
  • Saves space (folds flat and takes up little space)
  • Plenty of ventilation for a pet
  • Cost effective
  • Builds a personal relation with Clients
  • Clean and healthy environment without chemicals
  • Reduces stress of an animal

Now every vet can be sure that their patient leaves their surgery in clean and sterile container, which will reduce its stress.

Please write to use if you want to receive more information about the CHILL Box!

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