Cat hydration. Do you remember about it all year round?

First things first: cats don't like to drink water. If you've noticed this in your cat, don't worry - it's natural. Why is it like that? Because stagnant water sources often make them suspect that the water is not fresh. However, there are ways to make your cat more likely to stay hydrated. Read our post and apply these tricks yourself.

How to convince your cat to drink water

Even cats that eat wet food need extra water. An effective way in this case is to add warm water to wet food. In this way, the taste of their meal will not change much (it will smell more delicious!), and an additional portion of water will be a permanent part of our cat's menu. This will help them avoid problems with the excretory and urinary systems.

If you are looking for a way to attract your pet's attention, turning on the tap may work for them. Some furry friends like to drink moving water so make a stream of cold water from time to time - maybe your cat will like it too! Designer accessories for cats, such as a drinking fountain, can also work great in this role.

If your cat puts its face in a glass of water, let them do it. Perhaps drinking from a glass will prove to be an invaluable way to hydrate your cat!

What is the best bowl for your pet?

If your cat is not a fan of drinking from a bowl, it may be the wrong shape or size. When the bowl is too narrow, the cat, drinking from it, hits its whiskers against its rim. A cat's whiskers are very sensitive, and unpleasant sensations can make your cat averse to food.

It is also better to avoid bowls made of plastic. This material accumulates odours and gets easily scratched, which allows bacteria to develop in the scratches. Plus, you risk your cat's plastic bowl going all over the kitchen.

Which bowl to choose? It is best made of antibacterial steel, which protects against bacteria and fungi, sufficiently large and is stable on the ground. That's exactly what our Won-Ton Bowlis like.

In addition, this designer product will perfectly fit into your interior.

Remember about food hygiene

Cats have an inborn aversion to drinking water that is in the same place as food. This is due to the fact that a wild cat, in order to avoid poisoning its prey with bacteria, will not drink in the same place where it ate. Even if your cat doesn't hunt, you can't change its natural instincts.

Therefore, keep the water bowl away from the litter box and food. It is also good to put water in several different places so that the cat reminds itself to drink more often.

Order a bowl (or several) from Cosy and Dozy and put in it, for example, diluted broth or sauce - after all, liquids are not just water!

And remember to change the water in the bowl at least once a day - after all, you also prefer clean and fresh water, right?

Keep your cat hydrated no matter the season

Although we have already said goodbye to the warmest time of the year, and despite the lack of heat, we should still make sure that our cat drinks regularly. After all, we all want our furry friend to be healthy and function well, and proper cat hydration plays a key role in this matter.

If you want to take care of your cat's health, in addition to watering, remember about his physical activity. You can find many exclusive cat accessories to support you in this at Cosy and Dozy.

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