Can playing with a cat be DANGEROUS?

Cats tend to see toys where there might not be any. All you need is a cardboard box or a plastic shopping bag to get them active. Sometimes, however, it happens that what appears to be safe is absolutely not. Today we will suggest what to pay attention to while playing with your pets and justify why dedicated designer accessories for cats are the best solution. 

Safe play consists of three elements: the right toys, the right space and the right time.


Suitable toys

The plastic bag that we have left after shopping may turn out to be a cheap and interesting solution, but it is not a completely safe item to play with. A cat can get entangled in it and, in the worst case scenario, suffocate. The same applies to all the strings that are scattered around the house, which will interest our little furball. Cats, however, are not intelligent enough to sense the threat and understand that these items are only for play. Kittens, when euphoric, may swallow them, which may have unpleasant consequences. When planning activities for your pet, it is worth focusing on a proven and dedicated brand, such as Cosy and Dozy, which, when creating exclusive accessories for cats, remembers about their needs and, above all, safety. By buying from a proven source, you gain peace of mind and satisfaction for your kitty.


The right time

Playtime serves as an important function - firstly because kitties have their own internal cycle in which they love to hunt. They certainly let us know about it with their excessive activity - e.g. carelessly running on cat shelves or sharply scratching all the cat furniture. Then it is worth grabbing the toy and help them get rid of this energy. However, do not tire out your kitty too much: an intense 10-15 minutes of fun is really enough. Remember to let your cat "hunt" its prey in a wild pursuit, because this is what will bring them real satisfaction.

Adequate space

The play area for the kitty should be safe enough that it can run and explore every corner without thinking. An interesting element may turn out to be steps for a cat, such play will serve as both a hideout and hunting place from a height. Before starting your activity, do not forget to protect any sharp edges and angles and to hide any possibly dangerous objects.


Safe play with a cat is the best fun!

There are many factors that contribute to having a good time, and all of them lie in your hands. Remember that with the dedicated cat brand Cosy and Dozy, you can create - in their opinion - a real paradise for your pet. Designer accessories for cats, such as Beasty Toys, are not only pleasing to the eye, but above all they are a guarantee of safety – and in sets, you can order them at really affordable prices. Stock up on toys today that will make your pet feel good and will allow you to spend a good time with them. Check out the Cosy and Dozy offer and let yourself get carried away by your cat's imagination.

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