A pedigree cat or a rescued cat from a shelter?

There comes a moment in everyone's life when they consider adopting a pet. Both in the case of cats and other species, the question arises: to bet on a purebred purrer or a kitty from a shelter? How much difference does this make, and what is the right choice? Does the designer cat furniture I plan to buy matter in this case? We will explain.


The most important question: from breeding or a shelter?


The decision to choose a cat from a given source depends primarily on your preferences and financial possibilities. It is great to take a cat from a shelter, because giving a home to a creature that has been waiting for it for a long time is the most beautiful gift possible. However, there are so many people, so many tastes, so it is worth remembering that it is absolutely normal if you dream of a short-haired Devon Rex, who will be happy to visit every corner of your apartment, and in this case it is worth thinking about shelves for a cat wall in advance. Whichever of these options you choose - remember that you can ensure a happy home for each of these pets, but don't forget to arrange it appropriately. Cat furniture is something that you should remember about. Animals, just like us humans, have needs. And if we satisfy them, it will have a very positive impact on their well-being.


 Every cat needs one ...


Cats, as befits real predators, are really active animals. And don't let it fool you that they have chosen a cat hammock as their favorite place in the house. As soon as it is time to hunt, the energy within them awakens. If you decide to take a four-legged friend under your roof, remember to create… a real cat jungle for them. Designer cat furniture that not only looks beautiful, but above all - fulfils the cat's needs, will come to the rescue.


Regardless of whether it is a rescued cat or a pedigree cat - each of them have similar needs. Accessories such as CatWalk Play are great for pets that need to get rid of their excess energy. It is not only a brilliant looking shelf for a cat, but also a place for observation, relaxation and even a hunting zone. Due to the fact that our furballs love to be as high as possible - a wall bed for a cat will be a total hit. In addition, cat stairs, which can be purchased as part of a set, are totally awesome for our feline friends. Little tigers love to climb them and it is worth providing them with such a space.


Satisfy the cat's instincts


When arranging a cat's space, first of all, you need to remember about their instincts and lifestyle. We should also remember that ugly pet furniture is a thing of the past. Together with Cosy and Dozy, you can create a space that not only your pet will love, but also you! Choosing designer furniture is a real pleasure for kitty owners, as they can additionally decorate their apartment. And please remember one important thing that we wanted to get across today, no matter what cat you choose, they will find a happy and loving home at your place anyway!

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