A cat is not a dog! Obviously? Check out what most cat friends forget ...

A cat is not a dog! Obviously? Check out what most cat friends forget ...


Dog lovers often emphasize that a cat is not a dog, which is the natural course of things, but it is often perceived as a negative trait of our purrers. But are we really supposed to react like that? Cats are mysterious individuals that give us a lot of space to get to know them better and thus discover their not very obvious behavior. When we take the first step towards getting to know them - everything will become clearer!


Cat distance - does it really exist?


Cats are creatures that like to walk their own path, but that doesn't mean they distance themselves from us. Contrary to appearances, kitties love the company of human beings. It is true that they don’t always jump on our knees and they often disappear from sight, but if we open our eyes a little wider, we will notice that the love emanating from them lurks just around every corner.


How to understand a cat and its behavior?


There is a series of typical cat behaviors, such as sitting on the keyboard of a laptop or quickly taking the place of its owner as soon as he gets up from his favorite armchair. The more important documents we have on the desk, the greater the certainty that the cat is sitting on them. : D You didn’t know this?

Such behavior is often mistakenly perceived as mean, but it is nothing more than showing affection! Cats do everything to take in our scent and become one with us. If a cat signals that it wants to be close to us, but it lacks a designated space for it, then it is worth investing in designer cat furniture - e.g. a cat bed, which will be located next to the place where we usually spend our time. This way, our little purrer will be able to stay close to us and thus its happiness level will immediately increase!



Cats are observers - and no wonder, after all, they have many qualities of a night hunter. This role is also seen in everyday life, when they do not leave us every step of the way - whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom - and at all costs try to reach the highest possible peak in our apartment, so that they do not miss anything from their sight. ... Let's not scream when the kitty has once again climbed onto the bookshelf, but let's think about its behavior. In accordance with the clear needs of the cat and its owners, wall shelves for the cat have been created, which can become their place of command and another element for strengthening the relationship with the owner. Is there anything better than watching over everything at height? Cat shelves hit the right spot - not only will your pet love them, but you personally will also love them!




Cats often require more than we might imagine ... that's why you should also think about a brilliant 2-in-1 solution, i.e. a cat lair on the wall. With this gadget, we not only meet the cat's strong need for observation, but we also provide a cosy place for a nap. Kitties love to keep an eye on us ... and sometimes close them too (just for a moment), in a place convenient for them.


Remember - it's normal for cats!


Cat's behavior may seem specific, but only and exclusively because of the stereotypes that have been created by us humans. Their behavior at every step is filled with love, and certain features, which we define as “distancing”, are in fact their favorite way to spend time with us. When responding to their needs, it is worth organizing a space ideal for the feline world, i.e. one with observation points and a comfortable bedding. What's your cat like? Would it purr full of joy at the thought of a cat lair, or maybe cat shelves will be better? Organize its territory with cosyanddozy.com.

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