5 behaviors of household cats that most owners forget about!

How to understand a cat and its behavior?

A cat's behavior can tell you a lot about their individual character or needs. While in their company, it is worth staying vigilant and playing the role of an observer, thanks to which your relationship with the little purrer will become stronger than ever before. There are many typical cat behaviors, and today we will present some of those that are particularly worth paying attention to. If you feel like it - grab a pen and take notes!

1. Cats like human company - even if they don't want to be touched at the moment

Cats are born to live with humans. If you've ever heard otherwise, we assure you - it's a myth. Contrary to appearances, cats love to lie on your lap or sleep with you in bed. If you are not very fond of the latter, it is worth investing in good kitty furniture, i.e. in this case, a cat bed that you can locate right next to your sleeping place. Your cat will be extremely grateful for making this little compromise.

Remember that having a litter box at home does not mean that you can leave your cat alone for a long time (e.g. for a weekend trip). Your pet needs company, and even self-cleaning droppings and a food dispenser won't get the job done. Never leave them alone for so long - it can be traumatizing over a long time ... and it would be hard to see yourself in those beautiful cat eyes, when you shut the door behind you.

2.Cats communicate using mainly body language

Has it ever crossed your mind that you might need a manual to operate your cat? We can assure you that you don’t need one. The key to success is to watch your pet carefully and understand it. In fact, they want to tell you something at every moment - and it's all in their movements. Raised tail? The kitty is currently happy! Sleeping belly up? You're in luck – your pussycat shows that they trust you! Or maybe they are curled up into a ball and they are covering their mouth with their paws? Oh, you better not disturb them, it means they need some rest now. These are just three behaviors that can show you how to decode your pet without much problem. Remember that the Internet is an encyclopedia where you'll find the answer to almost all of your questions – so don't be afraid to use it!

How much sleep does your cat need?

3. Cats sleep up to 16 hours a day - of course, as befits a predator, they remain vigilant at all times.

It's hard to deny the fact that cats belong to a species where sleeping is their forte. However, do not let this feature fool you, because as a worthy representative of predator species, they always sleep with one eye open. Due to the fact that sleep is a significant part of their lives, it is worth thinking about cat accessories that will make this activity more pleasant. Consider, for example, a cat house, which will not only act as a lair in which they can hide from the whole world (and effectively confuse the intruder that you have no control over the situation at the moment), but also a perfect resting place for your furry friend. Wall shelves for a cat are also great - being at height, the kitty feels like a Lord, Lord of the whole world, which is exactly how they want to feel. By feeling in control of the whole household, the kitty will be more likely to take a longer nap.

4. Cats don't like change

Are you planning to move? Remember to do it wisely. Cats are territorial animals that do not feel good in new environments. Keep it in the back of your mind when changing your apartment so you don't give them a total revolution. It is a great idea to take their favorite (if well worn) scratching post into a new home, or well-trodden steps for a cat - these elements will still have a familiar smell to them and thus provide them with peace of mind. You can replace cat accessories over time, but start with as little change as possible for your little purrer.

Why do cats climb curtains or the highest ledge?

5. Cats and climbing go hand in hand - the refrigerator is not a scratching post, but it still looks tempting to scale.

Climbing is in a cat's nature, so taking a cat under your roof, you will have to come to terms with it ... and prepare for any scenario. If you are afraid of the consequences of their liking for climbing, then of course we can try to prevent them jumping onto, for example, a not very secure bookcase. Dedicated cat furniture, e.g. sisal stairs or a cat's playground, for example our wonderful Cat Walk Play, can be a real hit! Cats are observers who, apart from climbing and sharpening their claws, love to look at the world "from above".

Observing your feline friend is amazing fun - do not deny yourself this pleasure and take the first step towards getting to know your family member better. And if you have already stated that you want to invest in better conditions for your predator, check out the cozyanddozy.com offer and choose for them something that will give them loads of pleasure!

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