Why do cats like high places?

Cat lover! Kitty parents! Have you ever caught your pet jumping on the highest cabinet in the kitchen? How did they look at you from their vantage point on the shelf or fridge?

Soon the time will come when videos of cats climbing to the very top of the Christmas tree will flood the internet. Or jumping from a nearby chest of drawers directly on to the star shining on top.

What is it about heights that our kitties cannot resist? Why are they so drawn to it?

The answer is simple! This is a cat's natural need :)

Wild cats climb trees, walk on fences or walls. Why?

Because thanks to this, they can observe their surroundings from above. They look for threats. Did you say that your pet is safe and that in your place there is no danger for them?

Cats are stressed by situations that seem natural and completely safe to us - guests visit (these are our friends, but completely strange people for the cats), with children who are very happy to see a pet. It's a sweet sight, but it's worth remembering that cats have very sensitive hearing. They can even hear the tiny patter of mouse feet in the attic, being on the ground floor of the house.

The joyful squeaks of children can therefore just mean pain for a cat.

The very feeling that they can observe the world from above raises our four-legged friend's sense of security.

We know this from our own experience - we lived a lot with animals during our childhood, now we have two cats ourselves. In addition, we also work with cat behaviorists.

This knowledge was the basis for creating our shelf 'Chill', and then her sister - 'Chill Deluxe'.

In addition to the sense of security, we had one more thought. We know that more and more cats are suffering from obesity. And we know, it looks cute, as they say - more to love ... However, obesity in a cat, like any other animal, is a dangerous disease.

A vertical space for playing and jumping triggers a cat's wild instincts, which they hide in their hearts.

 They can go crazy, after that relax and lose some unnecessary mass.

Do your kitties have any favorite high spots?

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