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➡️ Why do cats love COSY AND DOZY shelves? Here are 3 reasons

➡️ Why do cats love COSY AND DOZY shelves? Here are 3 reasons

Our cat shelf products are something we are particularly proud of. We worked long on their design. We wanted to create a product that was perfect for both owner and  pets.

We were guided by the idea that not only could we give you something which was pleasing to the eye and safe for the pet but also simple to assemble and clean. 

And our most important mission: To make cats love it.

So they can snooze in a comfy spot. We are extremely happy with the fact, that our shelves are our bestsellers. That means it turned out just like we planned - Cats and their owners love COSY AND DOZY!

But for what exactly?

Solid build quality - Our shelves are made from ecological beech plywood.They are extremely solid, nothing creeks under foot, or bends even with the largest of individuals. Even though cats land on all fours, you can be rest assured that with our shelf he is in safe hands.  

Design - Cats emanate elegance and style, they know what’s good like no other. Don’t worry some people also know a thing or two. That’s why our shelf was a finalist at the ‘Good style” institute of  industrial design.

Beautiful and clean - our cushions is fastened with special buttons. Thanks to this keeping them clean is a piece of cake. And whilst one cushion is being cleaned you just fasten another so your cat has somewhere to Chill.

Green? Red? Maybe Camo? We have many different color ways.