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➡️ When decorating the apartment, think about each family member.

➡️ When decorating the apartment, think about each family member.

As a family member every single cat need an own space.

And the best space for cat is our CHILL shelf:

➤ Sometimes unfortunately cat owners forget about this. And because they do they tend to find their furry friends in all kinds of strange places. Like in cupboards, on the highest shelf, high on a curtain rod or under the bed.

You could say that this is just how cats are and it’s in their nature. They like to climb, hide and sharpen their claws. But it’s a bit of a shame on your home right? Furniture and rugs usually take the brunt of your cats natural inclinations, furniture which you most probably spent a lot of time choosing so your home looked perfect.

➤ It’s also a shame filling your home with cheap cat scratchers and cat beds, which more often than not your cat will ignore and end up on your sofa or shelf anyway.

So what to do, and is there an alternative? Of course.

Shelves designed specifically with cats in mind.

We are the owners of two cats and they are our source of inspiration as well as testers of every new idea we have.

So it’s safe to say that Cosy and Dozy brings its two biggest passions together - Design and its love for cats.

Just look at the photo! Shelves always spice up every home arrangement, right?

► But now your cat can have it’s own place which will also fit nicely with the overall decor of your beautiful interior.

You can find all our shelves here: