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➡️ If cats didn't exist - our company wouldn't exist. (The history of two designers)

➡️ If cats didn't exist - our company wouldn't exist. (The history of two designers)

Cats...Everything started because of them. We decided to adopt two, Molly and Ricky and they are the apple of our eye and also our source of inspiration. 

When we got them we wanted to create a place in our home where they would feel comfortable.

But as designers we also care very much about our home and interior too. So we decided to think of something for our animals which was unique but at the same time didn't disagree with our vision of a beautiful and stylish home interior. 

We started thinking along the lines of " the balance in nature" That's why we started observing our cats and their natural instincts.

Our cats found themselves often in very weird and quaint places. Once on the cupboard, once on the door and even on the curtain rod. We thought that if they like to climb and be high up then we should design a shelf that could be hung anywhere you want.

The first prototype was hung in our own apartment. We soon came to realise that it was an instant hit and the cats immediately fell in love with it.

And so did we and I think we know why. When designing the Cosy and Dozy shelf, we chose the best wood colour that perfectly fit our apartment decor.

Dear reader, as you can see, it's extremely important even key that we have the endorsement of Molly and Ricky. If our new proposals are to their liking, then we are much closer to making a decision of whether to release it on the market.

The shelves really did there job when we decided to adopt a dog called Bella some time later.

In the beginning the cats were tentative and uncertain with the introduction of a dog. They spent a lot of time on the shelf observing from up above at the apartment down below. They felt safe up there. In time their relationship improved with Belle but the shelves to this day have stayed their safe enclave.

As more time passed the cats grew to completely accept Belle and now its great!

If you would like your cat to feel as good as you do in your apartment, then you must check out our accessories.

You will find them on our website.