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➡️ 5 things which ensure that your cat will be happy!

➡️ 5 things which ensure that your cat will be happy!

Do you have a cat at home? Do you wonder if after purchasing one of our accessories your cat will use it? Don't worry, they will!! 

Why are we so certain?

Because when we design something new these items are tested by our cats first.

Only after they approve we consider the product for release. When do we know that the product fulfils all the necessary criteria? 

When the cat can:

Sleep on it

Climb over it

Scratch it and sharpen their claws on it

Hide in it

Have a good view from up high where they feel safe (e.g a place to escape from a dog or children).

Apart from the fact that the cat must love it we also make sure to try and make it something the owner will love too. 

That's why our products are attractive, pleasing to the eye, fit in with your home decor and are machine washable. Check yourself!

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