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What are Beasty Toys?   Beasty Toys are dog toys in the form of chewing bones with a squeaky ball in the center. They provide excellent entertainment for both young puppies and adult dogs of virtually any breed. The pet can bite and feed them at will, and if necessary, can also use them as a cuddly toy. Beasty Toys are available in two color variants -...

Why do dogs need toys?

Dogs - especially young ones - love to play. They enjoy walking, outdoor activities allowing them to have fun and maintain a healthy condition, but they also need toys that will make their time at home more enjoyable. As such dog toys are usually engaging enough to allow a pet to play independently when it stays alone at home or when its owner wants a moment of rest. In addition, their great advantage is that they positively affect the well-being of the pet and support its psychophysical development, because:

  • stimulate activity;
  • stimulate natural instincts;
  • release stress and tension;
  • meet the need for biting.

It's worth remembering that dog toys not only serve to pamper our pets, but also ensure their proper development and help build a bond with them.


What dog toys can you find in our offer?

In our store's offer you can find toys called Beasty Toys for dogs of all ages and all breeds. They were created for pooches full of inexhaustible energy, willingly spending time on games and needing a large amount of stimuli. They are also great for animals with behavioral problems, as they help direct their instincts. Beasty Toys are very chewy and take the shape of appetizing bones trimmed with durable and aesthetic material, which give dogs a lot of joy when biting and feeding. In addition, there is a squeaky ball inside which is a real attraction for them. Beasty Toys are not just for fun at home. You can also take them for walks and use them, for example, to learn to fetch - certainly the dog will be more likely to run after a favorite toy than an ordinary stick.


What are the advantages of our dog toys?

Our dog toys are characterized by having high durability. This is largely due to the good quality materials used in their production: carefully selected raw materials and fabrics resistant to damage, guaranteeing a long life of service. We use the same materials for the production of beds - according to the idea of zero waste, we try to reduce the waste of raw materials, which is why we use scraps of materials left after sewing dog beds for sewing toys. Thanks to the fact that all our toys are made by hand in our sewing room, each of them impresses by having the perfect finish with the smallest details. In addition, their undeniable advantage is the elegant, minimalist design. We attach great importance not only to making them functional and providing great fun for our four-legged rascals, but we also want them to be pleasing to the eye.

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