What accessories are worth buying for your cat?

The cat not only needs a place to sleep and play, but also additional accessories that will ensure his comfort and, of course, make life easier. The most important is undoubtedly the bowl intended for eating food - this is the first accessory that should appear at home with the arrival of a new, fluffy tenant. It is worth approaching this purchase with caution, because  it does matter what the animal will eat from. Each cat should have at least two bowls: one for food and one for water. If we feed a pet with different types of food, i.e. not only dry but also wet, it would be good to have one more bowl so as not to mix them together. In this way, it will ensure proper hygiene during meals.


What to consider when buying cat accessories?

Choosing cat accessories is an important task. Particular attention should be paid to buying a bowl, because it will have contact with food, and thus - also affect your pet's health. Let's also be aware of the materials used in the production of the bowl you choose - they should be of high quality and have appropriate approvals guaranteeing safe use. It is best to give up plastic bowls, because they often contain bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical compound potentially harmful to both animals and the environment. A much better choice would be ceramic or steel bowls, they are definitely safer, and in addition they are easier to keep clean, and remember that in the case of accessories intended for contact with food this is especially important because they accumulate a lot of bacteria and microorganisms. Size is also important - the capacity of the cat's bowl, especially one intended for water, should be at least 300 ml.


What are the benefits of our cat accessories?

Cat accessories available in our store meet all the above-mentioned requirements. They are safe, made of good quality materials, free of plastics, easy to clean (although we do not recommend washing them in the dishwasher) and matched in size to a typical adult cat. They also have other advantages:

  • they are durable (they consist of two very durable and damage resistant elements: a metal bowl and a perfectly matched base created manually, in a specially prepared form, from a mixture of cement, fine sand, water and concrete additives);
  • they are practical (the metal bowl is easy to remove from the base, and because it is light - you can take it with you on a journey);
  • they are stable (thanks to rubber pads and a solid, large construction, weighing up to 1 kilogram, and thanks to the weight of the concrete base they stick well to the ground and do not move while eating).

Our cat accessories are distinguished not only by functionality, but also by aesthetics - they have a minimalist, stylish design that will appeal to lovers of classic elegance and will perfectly match the decor of a modern interior.

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