What are dog bags used for?

Bags for a dog are a form of material slings designed for transporting small pets, mainly dog breeds such as a bichon frisé, yorkshire terrier, shih tzu or chihuahua, although cats, rabbits and ferrets can also be carried in them. These types of transporters come in handy when a pet cannot, or should not, move by itself for some reason - this is not recommended, for example, after a serious surgery at the vet or while traveling by public transport. Then dog bags are very useful. Such a soft and comfortable alternative to the cage for transport is also a great solution for restless, withdrawn animals who are stressed each time they leave the house and need asylum, where during a walk they will be able to hide if necessary while remaining close to their guardian at all times.


How to choose the perfect dog bag?

When choosing a dog bag, you should be primarily guided by the comfort and safety of your pet. The bag must be ergonomic, airy and padded with a pleasant fabric to the touch so that the animal feels comfortable in it, and at the same time should ensure its safety. It would be good if it had a strap with a hook inside to attach the collar, as well as additional pockets, for example, for treats or toilet bags. When buying a dog bag, it's also worth considering your own convenience, after all, we will be carrying it, sometimes for long hours. The bag should therefore lie well, have a wide shoulder strap and provide easy access to the pet. It is also important that it is made of easy-care material, thanks to which it will not be a problem to keep it clean. Our dog bags meet all of the above criteria - but these are not the only advantages.


Why choose our dog bags?

The dog bags we offer are a great option for people who do not like to part with their pet, but do not want to carry it in transport cages. Our bags have the advantage over other transporters that they provide the pet not only with the necessary protection, but also maximum comfort and convenience, both physically and mentally. Their other advantages are:

  • load capacity of up to 8 kg;
  • lightweight construction that does not constitute an additional load;
  • high quality (materials are durable and pleasant to the touch, with a perfect finish);
  • amenities in the form of a belt with buckles and an inside pocket for small items.

Importantly, our dog bags also have the advantage of having a classic design so that they look good and are really versatile that both men and women can use them.

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