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Sleepy head

What is Sleepy Head?  Sleepy Head is a dog bed in the form of a soft and comfortable mattress that can be placed in any corner of the house and, if necessary, also taken with you when traveling. Our four-legged friends love Sleepy Head beds because: thanks to them they have their own angle; they are an oasis for them, especially in a noisy home; cosy...
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What is a Farmhouse Bed?   Farmhouse dog beds are a part of the dog's useful equipment in every home, as they are the perfect combination of a sleeping place with a cosy shelter. Thanks to their functional structure, Farmhouse beds provide our dogs with the necessary comfort of rest, both physically and mentally, because they serve as a safe oasis where...
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What is Molly's Heaven Pet Bed For Dogs?   Molly's Heaven Pet Bed For Dogs are soft and cosy dog beds in the form of a comfortable cushion filled with silicone balls and covered with a scratch-resistant upholstery fabric. They were inspired by a popular pillow that people use, designed for maximum comfort and style in the home space. Like the cushions for...

Why does a dog need a bed?

Sleep is very important in the life of a dog, especially for young puppies. The older they are, they need less time, an adult dog, therefore, sleeps no less than 12 - 14 hours per day on average. It allows them to reduce the tension and regenerate their strength, and thus - for a long time increase vitality and good well-being. That is why dog beds have been created. Their goal is to provide our dogs with maximum comfort while relaxing at home. But this is not the only function played by dog beds. It is also worth buying them because such a private bed may become an oasis of peace for a quadruped, thanks to which it will have its own corner that will give them an added sense of security.


What dog beds can you find in our store?

Our store offer includes the most popular types of dog beds:

  • folded beds in a classic rectangular shape, filled with silicone balls and trimmed with damage-resistant upholstery fabric;
  • beds in the form of soft, material boxes, fur lined and equipped with a comfortable mattress on the bottom;
  • beds in the form of spacious cushions filled with silicone balls and pleasant to the touch trimmings, and at the same time abrasion resistant upholstery fabric.

Each of these products are designed for pets with all types of preferences and needs, all provide equally high levels of comfort and convenience required for effective rest. Their advantages also include a stylish, minimalist design and extensive convenience when it comes to cleaning (Farmhouse bed like Sleepy Head and Molly's Heaven bed covers are machine washable, Majesty Pet Bed is suitable for dry cleaning). It is worth adding that all our dog beds are made with safe and durable materials - thanks to this, they look delightful with a perfect finish and allow for exceptionally long use, not to mention that they provide quadrupeds with a healthy, good sleep.


What to consider when choosing a dog bed?

The most important criterion for choosing a dog's bed should, of course, be the preferences of your pet. Let's pay attention to places where they especially like to relax. Are they beds or sofas? Or maybe they prefer armchairs, boxes or just the corners of your apartment? When dogs select a place to sleep in comfy, built-up places, let us give them a bed in a box-like shape, with a flexible and light construction, equipped with a comfortable mattress and fur trimmed edges. For doggies who love more open spaces a better proposition would be a cushion, such a lair is more to the dog's taste, because it will provide the necessary freedom for our four-legged friends. Let’s remember to choose the right size – we must consider not the pet’s current size but rather the one that it reaches when it grows up. Thanks to this, they will not grow out of the lair quickly, and it will be used for many years.

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