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Molly’s Heaven Pet Bed Small for Cats Molly’s Heaven Pet Bed Small for Cats 2
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A bed that's as soft as the clouds and totally irresistible to any pet.  The bed is filled with a special soft silicon granulate which allows them to sink, sink and softly sink some more until they slowly float away into dream land.  Perfect for cats, small dogs and owners alike with it's unique sleek design that complements any home decor. Dream on!...
HolyCube HolyCube 2
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Your cat will always have a safe space to go and relax and play with Cosy and Dozy's new super comfortable cat insert made for IKEA Kallax & Expedit.  No need for you to compromise on space or the decor of your home anymore, and if you have more than one feline you can have your own block of cats.  HOLYCUBE is hand made in Poland from durable felt...

Why do cats need their own lair?

Cats are known for being able to fall asleep anywhere, even in places that do not look comfortable, but they have the greatest weakness for soft, cosy beds, hence they can often be found lounging around on sofas, beds or armchairs. It would seem that if the cats adapt so easily to different places, there would be no need to buy a special lair. Nothing could be more misleading. Every cat needs their own bed for two reasons. First of all, every animal likes to have its own corner, just like a human, where they can get greater comfort and a sense of security, not to mention the fact that it provides adequate comfort during rest. Secondly, cats like to mark their territory with scents - although they are imperceptible to humans, it is worth ensuring that they do not get spread all over the house. This is especially important when you have more than one pet. Separate cat beds will allow territories to be separated and make it easier for your pets to live together.


What cat beds do we offer?

In our offer you can find two types of cat beds:

  • beds in the form of a material box lined with a soft mattress and finished with artificial fur, fastened with naps;
  • beds in the shape of a cushion filled with silicone balls and nice to the touch trimmings, and at the same time with a durable and abrasion-resistant upholstery fabric.

Each of these lairs provide ideal conditions for relaxation: a cosy space in which the cat will be able to comfortably unfold and lounge around for days. Because they are light and thanks to their universal design they easily blend in with the style of various interiors, we can move them from place to place, and even take them with us on a journey. The cat beds we offer also have the advantage of being handmade, with great attention to detail. We do not use natural fur or leather for production, instead we go for ecological solutions. It is also worth adding that all the materials from which both beds are made have been carefully selected to ensure not only pleasant sensations to the touch, but also long-term durability.


How to choose the right cat bed?

Cat beds should be ideally suited to the needs of a particular animal, so it is best to choose them depending on their preferred places of rest. If they like open spaces and like to sleep on the sofa or bed, choose a pillow-shaped bed that will give them enough freedom, the opportunity to stretch and lounge around. On the other hand, if they prefer to lie in closed, built-in nooks, such as boxes or bowls, a box-shaped lair that resembles a safe shelter will be a better choice. Also pay attention to the outer material of the bed you will choose - only a cat's favorite textile will make the little purrer accept them, so they will be happy to lie on their new bed.

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