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  • Amigo


    What is Amigo?


    Amigo are dog bags, i.e. fabric shoulder carriers for transporting small-sized pets (up to 8 kg). When designing them, we thought about everything we would need to take our pet on a trip or for a walk, which is why Amigo dog bags are extremely comfortable in every respect. Made of a cosy and durable material, they provide both the pet and its owner with comfort during transport, and guarantee high durability. Amigo bags not only look great and are very practical, but most of all they allow the dog to feel cosy and safe, and to be close to their guardian all the time.

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  • Kabou


     What is Kabou?

    Kabou is a universal, multifunctional piece of furniture created in cooperation with the renowned German company Cat-On, which can be used as a cat tree, a lounger and a place to play. Its curved, wavy shape provides comfort in a variety of positions, and the cardboard structure encourages scratching, which gives cats the opportunity to satisfy their natural instincts. They can laze around for long hours on this bed, and during breaks from naps, exercise their muscles, relieve stress and sharpen their claws without affecting other furniture in the house, such as chairs or sofas.


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  • Chill box


    Here at Cosy and Dozy we are always looking to shake things up and we think The Cosy and Dozy Chill box does just that!

    Introducing one of the stars of the Cosy and Dozy family of products, The Chill Box.

    Winner of the RED DOT design award 2016.

    The Cosy and Dozy Chill box is a multi functional designer cat house which can also be used as a mobile carrier. It consists of 4 removable doors which then turn it into a great place for your cat to Chill, take a nap or just play. The sides have crafted holes which guarantee plenty ventilation To turn it into a cat carrier you simply attach the four doors and grab the sturdy built in handle and off you go on your travels with your furry friend in hand.

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  • Chill Soft


    What is Chill Soft?

    Chill Soft are cushions for cat shelves from the Chill series, which match in shape and size. The mattress is attached to the shelf with six latches (naps). One part of the latch is in the mattress, the other part is in the wood. This combination of elements means that the pillow does not risk sliding off, and our pet won't fall from a height. The press studs are made of stainless steel so they won't get damaged while washing. Chill Soft pillows were created to enable the most comfort as well as a safe place to rest at height - and they perfectly fulfil their role. Your cat will definitely like to lie here.


    How is Chill Soft made?

    Chill Soft cat pillows are nice to the touch, soft and cosy, which your cat will appreciate. The filling is made of PUR foam trimmed with polyester fleece, while the cover is made of wear-resistant upholstery fabric, which guarantees a long life. Because the cover is removable, it can be machine washed when the need arises - it really helps to keep our pet's bed clean.


    What are the advantages of Chill Soft?

    Chill Soft cat cushions are very popular among our customers because they are characterized by high functionality. Their advantages include:

    • durability and strength;
    • safety of use;
    • stylish design;

    Our cushions are available in three colors (White, Grey, Cappuccino), so you can choose a variant that will perfectly match the interior design of your home and the color of the shelf you already have or the one you intend to buy for your furry friend.

  • Climbing steps


    Our COSY AND DOZY® sisal climbing steps are a great addition to our CHILL and CHILL Deluxe shelves. They can be used like scratching posts. You can also install them between perches and create a catwalk or a network of posts your kitty will surely love as his/her natural climbing and scratching tendencies come to life.

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  • Feline


    What is Feline?

    FELINE is a multifunctional, elegant and stylish piece of furniture created by the German company Cat-On especially for COSY AND DOZY®. Its original, minimalist design attracts the attention of both cats and their owners, because the unusual combination of a modern look and multiple practical applications makes it a universal piece of furniture. On the one hand, it can be used as a cat scratcher, sometimes also used by our cats for fun and relaxation, on the other hand, it works as an interesting and unique home decoration.

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  • Chill Smooth


    What is Chill Smooth?

    Chill Smooth is a soft and pleasant to the touch cat cushion ideal for wall shelves from the Chill series. Due to the fact that they have the right size and snap fastening, they guarantee comfortable rest at height and the necessary stability. Let's remember that our furry pets, like people, like to have their own corner, their own space that will be a safe oasis for them. This role can be played by wall shelves equipped with Chill Smooth cushions.

    How is Chill Smooth made?

    Chill Smooth cat cushions consist of two basic elements: foam padding wrapped with interlining and a removable, zippered cover. In addition, they are equipped with press studs and stainless steel latches that allow you to attach the pillow to the shelf - ensuring that it will be well stabilized. It is worth adding that the cover is very easy to keep clean. To remove fur from it, all you need is a rubber glove. It can also be machine washed at 30 ° C.

    What are the benefits of Chill Smooth?

    Chill Smooth cat pillows are made of certified materials that guarantee not only their durability and resistance to damage, but also fully safe use. They are also distinguished by:

    • high quality;
    • comfort of use;
    • modern aesthetics.

    Cushions are available in two colors (Smooth Dark Grey and Smooth Light Brown) - you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and the color of the cat shelf with which you intend to combine it.

  • CHILL ELEGANT pillow


    What is Chill Elegant?

    Chill Elegant are cushions for cats providing them with maximum comfort during rest. As they were created for shelves from the Chill series, they have a set of naps matching the latches in this furniture, allowing for a solid build. Due to the fact that they are light, and also easy to install, they can be easily moved from shelf to shelf. The most characteristic feature of Chill Smooth cushions is their extraordinary softness and smoothness - this makes cats eager to cling on to them and lie on them all day long.

    How is Chill Elegant made?

    Chill Elegant pillows are made of PUR foam (filling) and interlining (hem). The cover, on the other hand, was sewn from universal and practical upholstery fabric, which has the advantage of not attracting hair, and in addition is:

    durable and resistant to damage;

    stylish and elegant;

    easy to clean.

    Taking care of the cover is not a problem not only because it is made of a fabric that does not absorb liquids and dirt as easily as other materials, but also because, if necessary, it can be removed and washed in a washing machine.

    What are the advantages of Chill Elegant?

    Chill Elegant cushions are extremely comfortable, which is why cats love to lie on them, play and sleep. Due to the fact that they were made of high quality certified fabrics, they guarantee safety of use as well as long-term durability. In turn, a modern, minimalist design means that in addition to their practical function, they also have a decorative role. Because they are available in three different colors (Elegant Red, Elegant Rose Grey, Elegant Green), you can easily adapt them to your taste.

  • Fischer DuoPower 10x80


    The Fischer 10x80 metal screw plug is a mounting kit that you can use to hang our CHILL and CHILL DeLUXE shelves on the wall.

    It can come in handy when, for example, you move to another house and want to hang the shelf again.

    The kit includes a pin and a metal screw. Each set is sold separately.

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  • Sleepy head


    What is Sleepy Head?

     Sleepy Head is a dog bed in the form of a soft and comfortable mattress that can be placed in any corner of the house and, if necessary, also taken with you when traveling. Our four-legged friends love Sleepy Head beds because:

    • thanks to them they have their own angle;
    • they are an oasis for them, especially in a noisy home;
    • cosy bedding provides them with maximum comfort of rest.

    The owners of pets, in turn, appreciate the fact that the lair is minimalistic and functional, and very practical - because it is double-sided.

  • Chill DeLuxe Smooth


    What is Chill DeLuxe Smooth?

    Chill DeLuxe Smooth are cushions for cat shelves created for furry ones who like to relax at heights in comfortable conditions. Extremely soft, plush material encourages relaxation and naps, while 13 pieces of steel latches for solid attachment guarantee safe use. Chill DeLuxe Smooth cat cushions in combination with the shelf are the perfect bed for any cat, regardless of age or breed.

  • Beasty Toys


    What are Beasty Toys?


    Beasty Toys are dog toys in the form of chewing bones with a squeaky ball in the center. They provide excellent entertainment for both young puppies and adult dogs of virtually any breed. The pet can bite and feed them at will, and if necessary, can also use them as a cuddly toy. Beasty Toys are available in two color variants - light grey and blue-grey - so they are not an eyesore with flashy colors and a clashy design, instead they delight with classic simplicity and elegance.

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