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What makes Cosy and Dozy different?

The Cosy and Dozy offer combines high aesthetics with equally high functionality in a practical way. All products available in our store - from large and solid furniture for pets to the smallest accessories such as bowls or toys - are created with great care and attention to detail. We want each of them to delight not only with their beautiful appearance, but also with their durability and usability, which is why we base production on hand-made craftsmanship and raw materials characterized by high resistance and endurance to all challenges posed to them by our beloved, but often unruly pets. The safety of using our furniture and accessories is also extremely important to us, which is why we strive to make them using only high-quality materials with the necessary authentications and certificates. We often reach for ecological solutions for the sake of the natural environment.


What does our special offer contain?

Our special offer contains lists of the best-selling products available in the Cosy and Dozy range at bargain prices. Many of them can be combined into sets, which is why we have prepared several such ready-made sets that will definitely interest every quadruped owner. Currently in our special offer you can find:

  • set of two Chill shelves;
  • set of three Chill shelves;
  • set of two Chill DeLuxe shelves;
  • set of three Chill DeLuxe shelves;
  • Chill shelf set + one step on the wall;
  • Chill shelf set + two steps on the wall;
  • Chill DeLuxe shelf set + one step on the wall;
  • Chill DeLuxe shelf set + two steps on the wall;
  • a set of two Won-Ton Bowls.

Particularly noteworthy are the sets of shelves and steps - this interesting combination allows you to create a small playground in the house that will provide the cat with great entertainment. It is a convenient solution because all these elements are mounted on the wall, where they are an interesting decoration and do not take up too much space, and the cat will certainly appreciate such an element of interior design that will be for him a zone of relaxation and fun.


Why use our special offer?

Our special offer is financially very beneficial because it allows you to buy several different products or several copies of one product at a lower, more attractive price - thanks to this you can save money that you would have spent if you had bought each one separately. We recommend this solution especially to people who would like to buy furniture or accessories for pets as a gift, but have a fairly limited budget for this purpose. For the recipient, the high quality will be much more important than the high price - so why not look for savings? Such ready sets are also a great proposition for people who do not want to waste time choosing matching products. Ready sets are a guarantee that all the components will blend together perfectly.

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